Sunday February 28th, 2010

The exercise:

This late night post is brought to you by the Canadian men's hockey team and the Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremonies.

Your prompt: emotional roller coaster.

Mine shall be a recap of my thoughts during the gold medal hockey game this afternoon. I didn't do this while watching the game, but it's all pretty vivid for me still.



Man, Canada versus U.S.A. on the last day of the Olympics. This is either going to be a great end to the games or put a real downer on things.

1st Period

Canada goes up 1 to 0

Woo hoo!

2nd Period

Canada goes up 2 to 0


The U.S. score to make it 2 to 1

Alright then, game on.

3rd Period

Hang on... hang on... maybe score one more for some breathing room? Hang on...

The U.S. score with 25 seconds remaining

*expletives deleted*

Between the 3rd Period and Overtime

It's not a big deal if Canada loses. I'll get over it pretty quickly. It's just a hockey game.

Man, who am I kidding?


(I'm watching the online video stream, which has a delay)

Why are there horns honking outside? Did... no... did they?

Thirty seconds later

No, the stream can't be that delayed. Oh, people are cheering now... did...

Canada turns the puck over in their own end, a U.S. player has a clear shot on net

If those are Americans I hear cheering I'm going to be hella pissed.

Big save, Canada takes it back the other way

More honking and cheering? Did they... come on... come on...

Sidney Crosby scores the game winning, gold medal winning, Canada winning goal

*total freak out*


Greg said...

You've done a good job of conveying the tension during the game! I was wondering the whole way along who was going to win, and starting to worry that the USA-ans might just have done it somehow. I'm glad Canada won though -- that gives you a record number of gold medals for the host doesn't it?

Emotional Roller Coaster

She's up again,
She cleaning the house.
With a yellow duster and a manic grin,
Shouting from the bathroom,
"This is fun, you should join in!"

Twenty minutes later
It's all gone wrong.
She spilled the liquid soap
And she's sobbing in the bath tub,
She's abandoned every hope.

Twenty minutes later
She's found her missing brooch.
She's laughing at some tiny thing,
The world is bright,
Life's wonderful and happening.

Twenty minutes later...
I'm leaving her behind.
I've left my stuff, smashed my phone,
Got off her endless roller-coaster ride.
I'm finding a new home.

Marc said...

It actually sets the record for the most gold medals in the winter Olympics by any country to date. So that's pretty neat :)

That sounds like quite the roommate there - and leaving definitely seems like the best available option :)