Wednesday February 3rd, 2010

The exercise:

Your prompt today: hibernation.

It's been one of those days.


The grey, dark time of year,
Though not as long as it appears,
Is never welcome here.

Strong urges to go south,
To place sweet pastries in my mouth,
To stomp my feet and shout,

That is what winter brings,
Along with the deep blues it sings -
Such a miserable thing.

So I shall stay in bed,
With covers pulled up to my head,
And 'till spring I'll play dead.


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

I'm well acquainted with that feeling, especially first thing in the morning, all warm and cocooned, then the alarm starts squawking at you...
- - - - -
I lay there absolutely petrified, both physically and mentally. To my horror I couldn't move an inch; I tried lifting my hand, but try as my might I might just as well have tried moving a statue's hand. Fuzzy voices swirled around me, muttled shadows twisted overhead. I couldn't focus, I couldn't understand. What was going on?

A fairly distinct shadow loomed over me. It said something to me; I couldn't make out what it said, but its diabolically saccharine tone set my heart trembling. A sharp, fleeting pain bit into my arm, and slowly a heaviness began to descend on me. No! I couldn't fall asleep! I couldn't! Had to... stay alert... had to...!

The shadow slipped in and out of focus, and I swear it left a Cheshire Cat grin impressed in the air above my head just before consciousness fled me.
- - - - -
Sounded quite a bit better in my head, but oh well. It's early, and it is practice after all.

Greg said...

I've been hearing that the East Coast of Canada has temperatures around -31C this week, so if your weather is similar I can see why hibernation might be nice!
I think you've summed up hibernation rather well in your poem, too!


Snuggled in a blanket,
Feeling warm and very sleepy,
We do not realise how far
Our perceptions have been

Our blanket is of snow,
And we're so cold that warmth
Is just another illusion
Of a dying mind,

Into shapes that might help
Our frozen bodies survive.
We call it hibernation
But it's really just living

morganna said...

curl up
small, sleeping warm
a tight ball of brown fur
snuggled in a cave, winter
sealed against the blowing and the snow
sleep away the cold, wake
in the warm spring, hungry.
curl up.

TAMmommy said...


The weather man just said,
4-8 inches of snow tonight,
the temperature is dropping,
nothing left to do but
curl up with my favorite book,
a cup of joe, and a fuzzy blanket,
in front of the fire,
read away the night til my eyes refuse to open,
then crawl into bed and hibernate,
for as long as I can.

Marc said...

g2 - yes, exactly :)

That was delightfully creepy, if I may say so.

Greg - ah, not nearly that bad over here. It was just a very grey, dreary, chilly day yesterday. It got up to like 10 degrees here today though (yes, on the plus side).

That second stanza of yours really took things for a turn I was not expecting. Nicely done!

Morganna - ah, that was well done. I liked the repetition very much.

Tam - I like both your poem and the message within it :)

Sounds like a damn fine night to me.