Sunday February 14th, 2010

The exercise:

Happy Valentine's Day, to those that celebrate the occasion.

A writing prompt for all of us, regardless of how we feel about today, is: cupid.

If you're not fond of this created holiday, try not to be too mean to the little guy :)


A red arrow nocked,
His eyes scan the crowd.
He drifts lazily,
Like a pink-cheeked cloud;
A silent presence,
Like a cheerful shroud.

He spots his target,
Patiently takes aim.
But a gust of wind
Leaves the young man maimed.
Cupid rolls his eyes
And sighs, "Not again!"


Greg said...

The chocolate workshop was a lot of fun actually, though there wasn't any actual chocolate making, just chocolate dipping :) Pretty much we had a slab of chocolate fudge, a slab of nut brittle, a slab of gianduja and a stack of chocolate truffles and we dipped and decorated them. They do taste good though!

Your restaurant trip with the storm sounds awesome!

And that's a great little Cupid poem too :)


Cupid dunked his head into the bowl of molten chocolate again, holding his breath as he did so. Katja watched with a look of concern in her eyes, but her hands were busy chopping vegetables.
"Are you sure...?" she said, deftly flicking carrot tops and rough pak choi leaves into the bin.
Cupid's head lifted from the bowl of chocolate, dark and dripping, his baby curls plastered to his head. "Mmmmph." he said, barely opening his lips.
"Well, you're going to need something cold to get it to set," said Katja. "Chocolate melts at body temperature."
"What?" Cupid's eyes opened, bright pools of light in his newly-dark face. "How can I get chocolate coated if it melts at body temperature?"
"You're a God aren't you? Can't you just cool yourself down?" Katja scooped the vegetables into a large china bowl and set it near the wok. Then she reached into the vegetable basket for the garlic and ginger.
"I... I might not have been listening in school when we did that."
Katja raised an eyebrow and set to mincing the garlic. Babysitting Cupid was turning out to be a serious chore.

Monica Manning said...


He drew the arrow back, pulled it taut and gazed through the site. He shifted, adjusted for the wind and let the string go, sending the pointed missile flying.

Carole glanced up. Saw something bullet through the air. It appeared to be aimed right at her.

“What the...?” She squinted, cocked her head to one side. “Is that...?”

Her eyes widened as she realized what it was.

“Oh no you don’t!” And she dove into the bushes.

Carole crawled out, pulling twigs and leaves from her hair. She gaped at the arrow that now quivered in the ground in the exact place she had stood moments before. She glanced up at the sky.

A plump cherub shook his fist at her, his blonde curls bouncing about his round face. Carole yanked the arrow from the ground and waved it at him.

“Nice try buddy.”

summerfield said...

today i am channeling my inner poet (hahahaha!)

The quiver of bows came crashing down the floor
Pouting his lips, Cupid kicked closed the door
Venus looked back and had a pretty smile
At her little man she hasn’t seen in a while.

“Why, my son, what’s the matter now?”
“It’s Psyche, the bitch, we just had a row.”
“Oh, Mighty Jupiter! Is my prayer finally heard?”
“Please turn the little whore into an ugly bird!”

and that's about the extent of my poetic ability.

hope you guys had a good valentine's day.

Marc said...

Greg - chocolate dipping sounds like an excellent alternative to chocolate making :)

I'm glad you could incorporate your workshop experience into the prompt as well :)

I think I like both of your characters equally :D

Monica - haha, nicely dodged! Some great images there, particularly Cupid shaking his fist :)

Summerfield - those are two great starting lines, they really set the scene nicely. And the rest of the poem follows perfectly :)

Thanks for the well wishes and I hope yours was good too!