Thursday February 25th, 2010

The exercise:

Yesterday was a good day for Canada at the Olympics - four medals (one gold, two silver, one bronze) and the men's hockey team beat Russia.

Today, not to be out done, we had the women's hockey team beat their arch rivals the Americans to take home the gold. Good stuff!

Your prompt has... nothing to do with either of those :) Here it is: the broken radio.


Covered in dust
And fragments of us,
The old radio
Doesn't know
Why it
Is silent.

It's not at fault
For playing that waltz
At just the wrong time,
Bringing to mind
The night in Paris
You cheated on me.

Covered in dust
And fragments of us,
The hammer doesn't know
Why its blow
Was required,
But I am too tired

To explain
This pain.


Greg said...

Poor radio. I really enjoyed this poem, the short lines leading me rapidly through a tragic little tale to the end. I wonder if you need the last three lines though? They seem to be a way of exiting the poem, and I think you could just finish with "Why it blow/Was required" as easily.

The broken radio

Static prevails,
White noise hissing in his ears,
Like snakes he's dreaded since
He was old enough to know his fears.

Static prevails,
Though he twists the dial, seeking
A voice, some music, another station
Anywhere that life might be leaking.

Static prevails,
And he prays to a meagre god the radio is bust.
Else he's alone in this nuclear winter
Waiting to turn into dust.

Marc said...

Hmm, good point about the ending.

I like the rhythm of yours :)