Tuesday February 23rd, 2010

The exercise:

Your (slightly later than usual) prompt for this week's Two Haiku Tuesday: through the woods.

Had an appointment to get my back worked on and then went for dinner with Kat tonight, thus the lateness.


Sun slips through branches
Bending low under the weight
Of last night's snowfall

*     *     *

Dead leaves underfoot,
Brittle as my ancient bones,
Leading me back home.


Greg said...

You posted before midnight, surely that's the only thing that counts? And you're onto a good number of days as well, 625 is 25 squared.

Both haikus are melancholic and do a good job of evoking the surroundings of the narrator. The second haiku is a little more oblique, and though it offers more of a question that the first haiku (which is essentially a description of a place), the lack of an answer to the question is a little disatisfying.

Through the woods

Hansel and Gretel
Hand in hand, dart through the woods
Hoping to find home.


Croci blossom here
Where we buried your mother
In the woods she lov'd.

morganna said...

Little hands printed
In the snow -- a baby, here?
Stripes flash -- hi, raccoon!

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, pre-midnight is all I really care about... I've just been getting the posts up early recently.

I actually like my second better because it's more open ended. Shrug.

Your second haiku is a lovely image.

Morganna - that's cute and made me smile :)