Sunday February 7th, 2010

The exercise:

The NFL's Super Bowl is being played today - I'm sure the vast majority of you don't particularly care about this, but that doesn't mean we can't make a writing prompt out of it! Personally I don't have much invested in the game; I have a team I'd prefer to win but I won't even be watching it tonight and I think that says it all.

So today we're going with a list prompt. Pick two or three (or more, if you're feeling super keen) words from the following and make use of them in your poetry or prose: super; bowl; Sunday; colts; saints; Miami; trophy; competition.


The silent saints of Miami
Guide and protect my family;
As we walk these sun-speckled streets,
Our souls vibrate to salsa beats.

On Sundays we ignore the heat,
Dressed in black to hear Padre preach,
To give thanks to our watching saints,
With no regrets, with no complaints.


Greg said...

So did the team you slightly favoured win then? I can't say I care all that much either, but I know a few people who do, so I show mild interest :)

Intriguing little poem there too, Eloo. It paints a quietly formal picture, with just a couple of things in there that beg for more explanation. Very good composition!

A bowlful of saints

Our family has, for generations,
Kept our Saints in a cut-glass bowl.
It sits on a high shelf
Where it can refract the sunlight
Into a thousand flickering colours
Across my brother's trophies
For things well done.

When we pray: heads down, kneeling,
Hands pressed together and our guns,
Colts and Magnums
Laid on the table between us as a reminder
That family comes first on Sunday,
The bowl lights up with an ageless fire
And our saints walk amongst us.

Wherever life shall lead us, down mazy turns
And along garden paths,
Into the heat of competition,
Or the heat of Miami in the summer,
Our saints walk with us,
Super-annuated yet strong,
And we remember our place in this world.

Marc said...

Indeed they did :)

I'm quite happy for the city of New Orleans, I think they really needed that win.

I'm glad you liked mine and, if I'm not mistaken, it looks like you managed to include all of the words with yours!

Very impressive. I particularly liked the bowl full of saints refracting the sunlight.