Saturday February 20th, 2010

The exercise:

This week's four line poems will be inspired by this picture from the October 2009 issue of National Geographic:


The sands had tried to swallow me
Ever since time began,
But I remained there peacefully
Until the dawn of Man.


Greg said...

Wow, the colours in that picture are remarkable! I can see exactly how it inspired your four lines today.


No hand shall mar the beauty
Of this ancient desert lake.
Its water is so poisonous,
No thirst shall it e'er slake.

Marc said...

You would make the waters poisonous, wouldn't you :P

Nicely done :)

Greg said...

Yeah, sorry. The bluest waters that you see though are usually that colour because of cobalt, so they are poisonous. I know in this picture it's probably the reflection of the sky, but still....

morganna said...

I wrote this before I read Greg's comments on poisonous blue water ...

A blue gem among sandy dunes
Sky reflecting, shrub shaded,
Cool water for thirsty drinkers,
What a lovely desert treasure.

Marc said...

Greg - hah, no need to apologize. Plus, I just learned something new, so that's always good.

Morganna - haha, too funny :)

You provided a lovely description of the scene, I think it really enhances the affect the picture has on me.