Friday June 11th, 2010

The exercise:

Our four lines of prose this week shall be based around: back in the saddle.

On the road to Kamloops today, see you fine folk when we return.


It had been years since he had rode that trail. He had told everyone he had retired, settled down with his new bride, found peace.

But that peace had been shattered in the night by a hail of bullets and now he was back on his horse, tracking down the men responsible.
And when he found them – and there could be no doubt that he would – they would pay for their transgression with their lives.


Heather said...

She pushed her thumb deep into her thigh, pressing the length of the taut tendon with the force of a steamroller. After a few minutes, she moved to her left leg and then worked the backs of her calves over the same way, releasing only a small percentage of the tension that had built up. "Time to get back in yer saddles," yelled the tour guide.

"Why or why," she moaned to her companion as she climbed back on her too short stubborn ass, "did I think a three day trip by mule through the canyons sounded fun?"

Greg said...

@Heather: that piece sounds like it was written from experience! I think a three-day mule trip sounds like fun too, but I'm sure I'd be in the same condition as your character in no time!

@Marc: That reads like the blurb on the back of a novel. Is this going to be your next project? ;-)

Back in the saddle

"And this is the saddle," said Dr. Septopus, pointing at the block on top of one of the towers of the suspension bridge that acts as a bearing surface over which the cables pass. "Today's training will consist solely in you attempting to get down from the saddle."
"I've got vertigo!" said the Jackalope, novice supervillain, turning grey.
"I don't care," said Dr. Septopus, pushing.

Marc said...

Heather - hah, excellent :)

Greg - I have enough projects. Too many.

Poor Jackalope. I can see much suffering in his future if he's training under the good doctor.