Friday June 4th, 2010

The exercise:

Your four lines of prose this week shall be about: the coast.

I was very excited to learn on the way home today that Jack Johnson has a new CD out. I shall be picking it up as soon as I'm able to. Who says advertising doesn't work?

Much more excited about the fact that I'm getting picked up at 9 tomorrow morning to begin my bachelor party adventure. I might even have trouble sleeping tonight; I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve or something.


I now have two weeks of work left and, oh man, am I ever beginning to coast to that long awaited finish line.

Things that would normally stress me out I'm just watching fly on by like butterflies in a tropical garden. I just so don't care anymore.

I know moving is going to be a royal pain in the ass, but I think I can safely say that I've officially coasted right on into the Happy Zone.


China said...

We haven't had a coastal vacation in three years. I sure would like to see the beach and the waves.

This is the worst summer possible for wanting to go to the beach and living nearest the gulf coast.

I bought my spouse an amusing tee that says "BP, bringing oil to American shores" in honor of this auspicious summer of unrequited coastal longing.

I think I'll get a load of sand and dump it around our above-ground pool.

Greg said...

Enjoy the bachelor party, and get your friends to update your blog with where they've tied you too and what they've dressed you in! After all, we can't have the blog missing a day just because you're on a boat to Alaska ;-)

On a more positive note, woohoo! for the Jack Johnson CD and woohoo! again for only two weeks of corporate work left.

The coast

Coast, n.
Hot, dry toast that quickly absorbs all the moisture in your mouth, forcing you to cough slightly and choke when someone asks you if you'd like butter. It's far too late then, of course.
(Poss. contraction of cotton toast, used to kill slanderers in 15th century Bourgogne.)

Heather said...

Marc- You would have been my least favorite co-worker/ employee. I hate it when people just stop caring in the end. It always seemed to increase my caseload when that happened.

China- Thinking of the BP mess makes me irritable and ashamed. When I read the prompt, it was the first thing that came to mind. How could it not with the incredible amount of damage it is causing and no real solution in sight. Love the T-Shirt slogan though.

Greg- Love the definition!
Flying high above the coast, looking for a meal or a game, their wings beat unperceptive to wayward travels below. The occasional guttural scream would attract the traveler's attention only to be dismissed as the wind howling angrily around one of the craggly rocks sitting tall at sea. Fleeting dark shadows drove a chill into the men, young and old alike, but it was the jeweled bellies that told them the promise land was near. For then, there was no denying that dragons were about.

Clay said...
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Marc said...

China - the coast is indeed a lovely place, especially when it is oil free. Thank you for dropping by :)

Greg - it really is a damn shame your trip out here didn't coincide with my party. I'm sure you would have made a very helpful addition to the planning of it...

I'm not sure I've had a definition response to one of my prompts before. I like it!

Heather - well I'm doing my best not to be one of those. The stuff I'm letting slide is more to do with irritating people and things out of my control. I used to let them bother me, but now with such a small amount of time left with them it just doesn't seem so bad :)

Yours is great - I think the second line is my favorite.