Tuesday June 29th, 2010

The exercise:

This week's Two Haiku Tuesday comes to you courtesy of: a yellow rose.

I took this picture last night in Kat's mom's flower garden:

That is perhaps my favorite picture I've ever taken. Actually, check that. I just remembered another photo that cannot be budged from the top of the podium. I'll have to try to find that again; it was taken on a friend's film camera a long time ago.

We're back in Vancouver for tonight and tomorrow morning/afternoon in order to collect the rest of our things, clean up, and for Kat's last day of work tomorrow. This time when we leave we'll be gone for good and ready to stay in Osoyoos for the foreseeable future. Yay!

We won't have internet access at the house until July 7th, so things around here might get a bit spotty until then. I'll do my best to keep things flowing as usual.


The first time we met
I carried a yellow rose
stolen from your yard.

*     *     *

With this rose I say
goodbye. May they multiply
in heaven's garden.


Heather said...

Thanks, as always, for your positive comments. One day I plan to write something that is truly horrid just to see what positive spin you put on it. Who knows.... it could be soon. I'll have plenty of opportunity this week with family visiting. None of my extended family "gets it" so writing will be crunched into even less time under more duress than usual.

I have no haiku tonight, but I did add another piece to the office prompt if you care it read it at some point.

Greg, of course this includes you as well as you suggested doing more.


Greg said...

@Heather: I popped over and read it before posting here, and I really enjoyed your continuation. I've commented there too :)

@Marc: 7th July doesn't sound too bad for an internet connection, considering you're now living in the middle of an orchard... and I reckon we can manage a week of slightly sporadic posting. Ungraciously, in my case, but I'm sure everyone else will be nicer to you :-P

The rose is beautiful and the picture great. I really like the colours and contrasts in there, and the delicacy of the rose. Did it take you a long time to get it right, or was it one of those right-place/right-time shots?

I like your haikus, but I can't decide if your second sounds regretful or threatening. Either is good, but threatening is a little unlike you!

A yellow rose

Melancholy waits
In the yellow-rose garden
Next to her sister.


From the artist's brush
A yellow rose, much surer
Than any before.

(I knew I could turn rose into a verb if I tried.)

Ng Zhongming said...

Admiring from afar,
wind just keep it moving
as the sparrow rest comfortably
on the yellow rose.

As the sparrow continue to sing,
i could hear the most audible chipping tone
even at very low decibel
i just wish to have this moment
burn deeply into my mind,
like that beautiful yellow rose.

Marc said...

Heather - I look forward to the challenge :P

And I'll definitely check out your continuation once I have a more reliable internet connection.

Greg - thanks, I actually just took the one shot. I was planning on taking more but then I looked at how it turned out and decided not to push my luck :)

And it wasn't intended as threatening, but I can see how it could be interpreted that way.

Your second haiku is my favorite, strictly for the verb usage :D

Zhongming - that is a lovely scene you've painted there. The idea of a sparrow perched on a yellow rose is quite striking.