Tuesday June 15th, 2010

The exercise:

Two Haiku Tuesday brings to you this week: the mountain.

And yet another picture! This one taken on the road back to Vancouver:


Your weather worn gaze
watches the world rush on by.
You must think us mad.

*     *     *

I stand on this peak
a conqueror... could you tell
me how to get down?


Greg said...

I love the mountains you've got around Vancouver. If I can work out how to get one shipped over here, I'll do it!

I like your second haiku best, but the first one has a lovely weariness about it.

The mountain

Angry mountain scream!
Letting off a little steam
(And lots of lava)


This was only a
Molehill last night. Who built it
Up to a mountain?

morganna said...

I've got three, because the first one is a blatant knock-off of your second one, Marc (actually, it's what I thought I read the first time through):

I stand on this peak
a conqueror ... how dare you
tell me to get down?


Millions of years I've
Stood here watching, wearing away.
Today the machines came.


Mountains of things are
Mine! You mean I can't take it with
Me? That's impossible!

Marc said...

Greg - your second one is fantastic :)

Morganna - I quite like your version of mine!

I think I like your last one best though :)