Tuesday June 22nd, 2010

The exercise:

This week's Two Haiku Tuesday is brought to you by: the mechanic.

Brought the car in for a complimentary oil change (we got a coupon when we bought the car) and to get the brakes checked this morning. It didn't cost nearly as much as we were expecting to get the brakes working smoothly again (it was just an adjustment, rather than requiring new parts) so that was a pleasant surprise.

Holy crap, we're moving in four days!


He's under the hood,
muttering dark threats about
how much this will cost.

*     *     *

Red flames on the sides
and monster truck wheels? I just
came for an oil change!


Greg said...

Both haikus are good this morning! I think I like the second one more, if only because I fear the first one happening to me.

The mechanic

Quantum adjustments
Are his specialty: fixing
Our reality


That's not a spanner!
That machine is a death-trap!
My mechanic laughs.

Marc said...

Thanks Greg. I quite like both of yours, though perhaps the first one slightly more for the creative take on the prompt :)

morganna said...

Well, yesterday was quite a day, so no writing but this is a true portion of the day:

Two week old tires
Slow leak, dunk tank, nothing found
Bead sealant -- it's fine.

(I sure hope it is, we're supposed to take a 200 mile trip tomorrow. But they didn't charge us, so that's something.)

Off topic: typing dunk tank, made a mistake and got hunk tank. Don't know what a hunk tank is, but it sounds interesting. :)