Saturday June 19th, 2010

The exercise:

Saturday is the day for four line poems. Let us wax poetic about: sinking.


Just a normal day,
No big deal, no sweat;
I guess it's safe to say
This hasn't sunk in yet.


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

I tried for four poetic lines, but it wasn't quite working...
- - - - -
"I got a bite!"
"What? I haven't gotten anything all day. Quick, reel it in!"
"This one's a toughie, here, gimme a hand!"
The two struggled with herculean strength to haul whatever marine monster was on the other end of that line up onto the river bank.
Finally, loudly, they managed to bring the creature up, covered in plants and debris. After they cleared some of the vegetation off, they sat there gaping at it.
"I don't believe it."
"I can't either."
"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"
"That it's a shame to find such a nice kitchen sink in the middle of the river?"
"... I was thinking more along the lines as to what the hell a sink's doing here in the first place"
- - - - -
Chopped logic: Fishing=activity in which people catch fish, so similar wording could be applied to sinking=activity in which people catch sinks.
This is what happens when I write late at night.

Greg said...

Hehe, I'm betting that it'll sink it somewhere around mid-next-week, when you realise that you've not been to work for a couple of days, and you don't have to ever again! And having met you, I know how easily I can make you laugh, so I'll only worry when that stops :)
It's a good poem though, a nice quick reflection on you you're feeling.

@g2: I like the idea of going sinking when you need a new sink! I think you could have made that clearer in the story if they'd not been surprised to find it though -- what do you think?


It just looked like a sandy beach,
A relaxing place to land,
And now we're sinking slowly,
In beautiful quicksand.

Marc said...

g2 - no worries at all, and I quite like the direction your mind went in for this prompt :)

Greg - yeah, I'm figuring Tuesday or Wednesday I'll fully realize what's going on.

Quicksand was another solid choice for this prompt, and for some reason I quite like it being described as 'beautiful'.