Sunday June 13th, 2010

The exercise:

I'm back, full of sunshine and fresh air and wide open spaces.

Today our assignment is to provide a caption or two or three for this picture I took this weekend:

This fine fellow was hanging around in a pasture about a two minute walk away from where the ceremony was held.


"What did you just say about my mother?"

*     *     *

"Put the camera down and nobody gets hurt."

*     *     *

"Welcome to my pasture - have you tried the grass?"


Greg said...

How was Kamloops then? And the barn wedding (or warm bedding... whichever!)? The picture looks great, nice colours and composition -- if it weren't that I already know how hot it must have been there, I'd wish I were there as well.

I like your first caption best, but the third has a definite dryness about it that's great.


"I knew I wasn't going to like you when you opened with, 'So why the long face?'"


"Yes, my mother did trample over one hundred humans to death. Why are you asking, meat?"


"No, it's not a landing strip for flies. It called a blaze."


"Moo. What? What were you expecting me to say? Moo!"

morganna said...

I like your last caption best, Greg. Marc, I think I like your second one best. Mine:

I suppose you can take my picture.

I'd really rather you brought carrots.

And, fresh this morning for you, Marc:

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

"Hey, you. Yeah, you... c'mere a second. Have I got a deal for you..."
- - - - -
Could only think of one, but at least (I think) it's a pretty good one!

Marc said...

Greg - it was definitely good times. And yeah, plenty hot - 28 or 29 degrees that day.

That last one of yours is brilliant :)

Morganna - I love the tone of voice I'm hearing in my head when I read yours :)

And hurray for more dragons!

g2 - quality over quantity! And you know I'm just pleased whenever you drop by and share some writing with us here :)