Thursday June 3rd, 2010

The exercise:

Your prompt today: Batman.

Inspired by the fact that I've been answering the phone for the last two days with some variation of, "Good afternoon, you've reached Batman."

Thank goodness for caller id.

Back to work and the real world tomorrow. Then it's bachelor party time!


The Joker's on the prowl,
He's up to something fowl
With his three best henchmen,
The chain-smoking Frenchmen.

But Batman's no dummy
With a great big tummy,
He sees all that goes on
In between dusk and dawn.

So he arrives in time
To thwart the grisly crime;
Then it's back to the cave
For his five o'clock shave.

The big secret he keeps?
When the hell does he sleep.


Greg said...

Batman? So does this mean that Kat is Michelle-Pfeiffer era Catwoman? ;-)

Have fun at work today -- is that the only day this week you're working? You've really got to cut down on the amount of surgery you're having!

Looks like I'm back in Montréal next week for a few days, clearly Canada loves me.... No cross-trip to Vancouver this time sadly.

And that's a funny poem, it made me smile as I read it!


"My wings are like a shield of steel!"
"That's Batfink you idiot. Batman was the underwear pervert who was sleeping with Robin."
"Robin can be a girl's name." The Green Lightbulb sounded slightly hurt.
"It wasn't in this case. And his real name... Dick Grayson... you have to wonder what his creators were thinking."
"Green... you know Batman's a fictional character, right?"
"That's libidinous!"
"Possibly for you, but it's not libellous, it's true. Batman's just a cartoon character."
"But I'm not a cartoon character! The Kalahari Kalamari's not a cartoon character! Sylvestra... Sylvestra might be. She's never liked me."
A sigh, soft and heavy, and then: "Green, if you're going to start crying again we should finish up here. You've only got twenty minutes of this session left."
"I don't why I come here, you never listen to me."
"I do nothing but listen to you, and your slightly sad obsession with Batman."
"You don't listen to me deep down...." The Green Lightbulb was sniffling now and slowly curling up into the foetal position.
"Out! Out, Green! Don't make me get the taser."

Heather said...

Marc- Fun poem... not sure the tummy line meets with my vision of the man. Also, you must think I'm nuts claiming the story you read was a good match for the prompt in the dark. I must have posted the link wrong because I meant for a different story. Sorry!

Greg- Being a stereotypical US female (at least in this sense), most comic book characters are lost on me. I like the ending of your story though.

Ethan inspected him carefully. It had taken him several days to thaw the massive cube from around the man without destroying the integrity of his skin. He was a well built man, probably in his 40's. The muscles were well defined from obviously heavy training. It looked as if he stood about 6' tall with deep brown eyes. He would have been exceedingly handsome if he were alive. In all reality, dead he wasn't that different from many of the other specimens he had examined. At least not physically. Being found in a block of ice... well, that was different.

Ethan finished transcribing his copious notes and sent the man's now preserved body on to the museum. He turned his attention tot he few items found with the man. A black suit resembling that of a bat. A belt with an assortment of tools he hadn't seen in one collection before. The mask that covered his face. An odd grouping of items, to say the least. Another part of the case that drew him from retirement. He pondered the items and the body, trying to figure out how it all went together. "This," he hesitated, searching for the right word, "Batman certainly has me intrigued," he said to the security guards who had come for the body. He locked the morgue's door shortly after they left and headed home for a nice glass of hot tea before settling down with his findings.

Marc said...

Greg - rawr. Yes.

And hey, I worked Monday too! Jeez, give me some credit here :P

The Dick Grayson line made me laugh :D

Heather - I do believe that's my bad. I went over to your blog to read the one you linked and got distracted by your most recent post :) I'm pretty sure I've read the one you linked before but I shall be sure to double check!

That is a delightfully strange thought, someone discovering Batman frozen in ice and not knowing what the hell they'd found :)