Saturday June 12th, 2010

The exercise:

The four line poem topic this week: the barn.

I've been told that I'm attending a barn wedding today. I shall return with pictures of said barn and share them with you.


It smells like hay and horse
And something worse (of course);
But if I close my eyes...
I can still hear your lies.


Greg said...

A barn wedding sounds like it could be fun. I hope you're enjoying Kamloops! I have fairly good memories of the main street, less so of the 7-11 (or "Stop'n'Rob" as I heard a comedienne describe then as, recently).

Your poem has an unexpected edge to it! I like it though :)

The barn

The water's always fresh and icy cold,
In the spring-fed tarn,
We always end up sleeping in the hay,
When we pass your parent's barn.

Heather said...

Marc- Your poem is unsettling. I am having trouble making the two work without taking a step back. Not necessarily bad, just different.

Greg- Reminds me of long afternoon naps in the hay at my grandfather's barn. I can feel it poking the backs of my arms now. The false itching sensation is going to drive me nuts!

Now, to push my own agenda and later to beg for your forgiveness. If you have the time and the desire, a tall order I know, but do me a favor and read this story?

Explanation as to why proceeds the story. Any and all help is appreciated.


Marc said...

Greg - I got pictures of cowboys for you. Remind me to send them to you :)

That's a lovely little poem.

Heather - sometimes I enjoy changing direction halfway to the finish, but that might have been the first time I did that with only four lines.

And I shall check out your piece once I've fully settled back into the house.