Sunday June 27th, 2010

The exercise:

Your prompt today: the office.

No internet at the house yet, but I'm currently borrowing a neighbour's weak wireless signal. Hopefully I can hang on long enough to post this and tomorrow's as well. Feedback on your comments for the last few days will probably have to wait though.


Today we set up what will become my new office. It's a small room next to our bedroom that had been used for storage by Kat's parents.

There are books and magazines in here that are probably older than I am, and the wallpaper can't be much younger. There is barely enough room for our couch, stereo, and coffee table.

But at my right elbow is an open window that allows in fresh air, sunlight, and birdsong. There is a view over the orchard with the hills providing a distant backdrop.

I hear no cars. I hear no people.

I see no malls. I see no skyscrapers.

It. Is. Perfect.


Heather said...

Marc- It all sounds absolutely lovely... especially the old wallpaper. Send me a sample when you take it out, won't you?

I had lots of energy and anger with my daughter's urgent care visit which I had planned on venting into this prompt. After three complete deletions, I ran out of energy so you get half a story. Je suis desole!
"She was horrible," I complained to a friend. "One of the worst I have ever seen!" I turned the car onto tree lined Vermont Street, leaves fluttering. Dappled light danced across my windshield. "Thank God she doesn't have the final say."

"It sounds pretty bad," Maggie responded. Her voice was far away and I rolled my eyes as a squirrel dashed across the road. Most certainly she was preoccupied in painting her toe nails a brilliant red. Maggie was always distracted by her own vanity. She never seemed focused on life's important issues, like my on-going office visits hat resulted in a shelf full of little bottles.

I sighed, shaking my head gently. Birds chirped loudly outside my window, but I only noticed the red of the stop sign. "Maggie, if this is a bad time, I can let you go." Disdain filled my voice, giving it a sharp edge. The car propelled forward, seeking New Hampshire Circle. My eyes followed the road signs.

"Oh Julia. Don't be like that! I have things going in my life and I've heard about your Lochness Monster for three years now." She sounded exasperated by the conversation. My lower lip slid quietly into a pout. I knew she thought I was a hypochondriac and the hundreds of office visits I made certainly seemed to support that view. But she hadn't lived with my aches and pains for even a day.

Greg said...

@Marc: Hah! I wasn't expecting an office prompt so soon after you're free of working for other people! I like the sound of your new office, and those old magazines might turn out to be a great source of inspiration. And the view sounds lovely. Really lovely.

@Heather: That's a very involving story, I was really sorry that it stopped where it did. Oh, I and know people just like Maggie in your story, and they are so frustrating!

The office

The water-coolers stand a silent guard,
As I tiptoe across the floor.
Lights flicker on and off as I pass,
Illuminating my progress,
Guiding me to my desk.
So here I sit, some hours before dawn,
Knowing there'll be eight hours before home,
Looking at a list of things to do today,
Marking the ones that are easy in some way,
Enjoying the silence.
This office houses many souls,
But I like it best when it's all quiet.

Ng Zhongming said...

I was wondering what to write about this as my mind went blank the moment i saw this prompt. I thought maybe i would write about what my office look like. It’s a rectanguler room, about the size of a small apartment. Its splitted up to three sections with a hallway after the entrance.

My desk is somewhere in the middle of the room, not very comfortable spot for me because there is no privacy at all. I often get a shock when somebody taps me on my shoulder from the back of where i am seated. Apart from that, beyond that glass windows infront of my table lies a whole lot of noisy compressor, i wonder why have they decided to built an office in such a noisy location.

The only thing that i like about my office is that it is pretty large. Good for storing lots of stuffs and furniture. If i am the designer of this office i could have installed noise absorber or sound proof that damn room. And maybe add some lovely plants, make it a five partition with doors for privacy sake. Too bad it wasn’t ideal office that i am dreaming of.

morganna said...

I work hard to keep my space, I suppose it is an office, neat and clean. It seems to accumulate small toys and books for some reason. My desk is mostly covered with beads and supplies for the tassels I am beading right now. A few sticky notes with notes on tassels, one with research notes. A couple pens, and my laptop while I write.
Not much of a response, but I am trying to catch up on dragons now that my little vacation is over.

Marc said...

Heather - haha, will do :)

That's a great vignette and, like Greg, I do hope to see it continued!

Greg - that is an excellent idea. I think I shall peruse them for prompt ideas when I get back :)

I really, really like your poem. It really captured and conveyed a scene.

Zhongming - thanks for dropping by and sharing with us :)

I fully agree with you about not liking being in the middle of the room. I hope that someday soon you'll find yourself in a better spot!

Morganna - nothing to apologize for, it was neat to get a little view into your life :)

Also: dragons! I must catch up on that soon.