Monday October 4th, 2010

The exercise:

Write about: searching.

I enjoyed the movie last night, but I had the advantage of not having read the book first. Kat was not so fortunate. I can relate.


I wander between the rows,
Grass tickling my bare feet;
I'm searching for a tasty snack
To help beat this heat.

I find the perfect apple
And lean in for a taste,
But I end up making spiders
Homeless with my face.

Thus begins the spastic dance
Brought on by cobwebbed eyes;
If there's a spider in my hair
I'll scream 'till I die.


Greg said...

Heh, I'd read the three Bourne books before seeing any of the films, which led to a lot of "That can't be right!" moments. Having seen the films a few more times since, I think they tell perfectly reasonable stories, just not the ones the books tell.

I love the bit about making spiders homeless with your face, and the whole poem has a feel of ease about it, as though it was no trouble for you to write.


How high will the tower be built?
From where will we bring the stone?
How many days will men labour,
To ensure safe passage home?
Who will tend essential fires?
Who will be willing to stay the night?
Who will send the searching beam out,
The guiding, vital, lighthouse light?

Zhongming said...

Marc - Your poem is so smooth sailing, it feels free :)

Greg – That’s some thoughtful consideration, sounds like you’re the manager :)


I am stuck in the maze,
Trying to figure out the route,
In search of the way,
It leads me to the path.

The urge of hunger,
Brings me new life,
The thought of it,
Teach me to fly.

This is not what I do,
Always thinking about you,
The fate of us,
Is what I will do.

Heather said...

I've done that more times than I can count and have chosen not to see movies. Sadly, a few years back, that expanded into plays. If you ever have the chance to see/ read Wicked, you should. Just don't do them close together and do it knowing that they are completely different beasts.

Marc, Greg, and Zhongming: I hope you each find what you are searching for.

I flipped the pages of the book. The black words, blue boxes, and orange frames flew past me. First forward.... and then backward. I knew the answer was there. I just didn't know on which of the 300 pages I should be looking on.

Today, I hate the Spanish language.

summerfield said...

“Someday my prince will come”

At six little Daniel was my boy
He played with his booger for his toy
I truly thought then he was the one
Until one day he pooped in his pants.

At thirteen, there was Jimmy
Tall and dark and rather skinny
But he couldn’t do a little calculus
And I didn’t want an ignoramus.

At twenty-seven I dated Johnny
He, too, was tall but not skinny
But he wouldn’t divorce his wife
Even when I threatened him with a knife.

At thirty-five I lived in with Derrick
Handsome and rich and not a prick
But he wanted us to have ten children
Expected me to lay eggs like a hen!

At forty-two, I gave up the search
No man it seems wants a first class bitch
Then I met Chuck, a sweet old Canuck
Who had nothing to offer yet with him I'm stuck!

marc, i picture you doing the "Elaine Bennett" dance (from Seinfeld). i like the "homeless spider" bit and the "cobwebbed eyes". but for the spider in hair, i quite enjoyed the poem. see, it even inspired me to write one!

greg, your piece calls to mind a scene from something i've seen a long, long time ago, where slaves were carrying stones to build a palace. pharaohs...slaves...

zhongming, methinks that you must be in love.

heather, like you i have a love-hate relationship with spanish. with french, too.

the only movie that i liked that was based on a book or story was the Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons. i liked the premise in the movie better because it was more believable. The Time Traveller's Wife also closely followed the premise of the book, but I might be wrong - there's too many scenes of Eric Bana not wearing anything and it was so distracting. :-))

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I watched the first movie a second time when it came out on video and actually enjoyed it. Then I saw the next movie with zero expectations of it being like the book and enjoyed that too.

Love the rhythm of your poem.

Zhongming - that's lovely again, I think you're on a roll :)

Heather - thank you, and you as well :)

Great take on the prompt :)

Summerfield - your first stanza made me laugh out loud.

That's a wonderful poem :D