Saturday October 2nd, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem that deals with: code names.

We have a few regular customers at our market stall. There's Onion Guy (he gets four onions every single week), Aurora Girl (she really likes our Aurora apples), Crazy But Buys A Lot Lady (self explanatory, I reckon), and a few more. If only they knew how I refer to them.

Had a pretty good morning, much better than we expected to be doing at this time of year. Probably helped that the temperature was in the low twenties and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Mmm, day off tomorrow.


We all had our
Top secret code names;
I'd tell you mine
But it's really lame.


Greg said...

So I guess the next question is, is there anywhere where you're a regular, and have you wondered how they refer to you? I seem to be irregular almost everywhere (take that as you will :P) but I get remembered anyway; I dread to think how people must think of me.

Code names

D'Agapyeff, Kryptos, Dorabella,
Morse, Playfair, Zodiac Killer,
Voynich Manuscript, Linear A,
What would Caesar think, were he alive today?

[If you're interested, you can google all the codes names as name cipher to find out more]

Zhongming said...

Marc - Your frequent customers amazes me with their stubborn habits :)

Greg - Encrypted code name ah, sounds good!

Code names written in black and white,
Flames arise from that belle of the ball,
Sharp visual breakthrough saw her,
It could have been just another day.

Marc said...

Greg - oh dear, I hadn't thought of that. I think I'd rather not :P

I spent some time reading about the Zodiac Killer and needed a break after that. I'll have to search out the rest later :)

Zhongming - great imagery in your poem! I really liked the second line in particular.

Anonymous said...

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Jackerbie said...

Jackerbie ducks around a corner,
gun raised, breath heavy.
He sees a figure, nods and says,
"Red leader, standing by."

to explain: i went out with a bunch of coworkers and had a few rounds of laser tag on the weekend. i dominated. i got a little to into it, though, and forced my team to take up call signs. i, of course, was Red leader. 'cause Red squadron is rad.

Marc said...

Jack - laser tag is awesome. Much less painful than paintball :D