Tuesday October 26th, 2010

The exercise:

It's Tuesday, so we're doing two haiku. The countdown to NaNoWriMo continues, so they will be about one of my novel characters. It's also my birthday, so that's getting worked in there (real subtle like, see if you can spot it!).

So. Two haiku about: the dragon's birthday.


On our birthdays we
don't blow out any candles -
we light up humans.

*     *     *

On his first birthday
Bradley's parents got him two
feisty knights - disarmed.


Zhongming said...

Marc - happy birthday to you, may all your wishes come true! Two of your haiku is really good, I like both very much. And good luck with the nanowrimo :)

The dragon's birthday

They celebrate and have fun
Just like the rest of us -
They're never boring!


They're having a birthday feast
With their food in the sky -
Must have been real fun flying! 

summerfield said...

marc, is today your birthday? i know you said your birthday was coming up, but if i forget my own birthday at times, i can't expect to remember anyone else's :-P.

i like to think i'm still in a rut with this writing thing, but the fact that all my entries for the last 2 months in my blog are inspired by your blog, i think i am now in a semi-rut. or maybe i'm just enjoying it so much to hang around here.

ah, zhongming, those are brilliant haiku's. here's mine:

the dragon's birthday

the dragon's birthday
celebrated in China
plenty food and coins.

on Dragon's birthday
he learned how to roar and blow
fire at his momma.

well, i think it's sort of lame, but hey i just concocted that one right here right now! :-D

Greg said...

@zhongming: those are both quite matter-of-fact haiku, easy to read and appreciate.

@summerfield: I love your second haiku, it's got such a great image with it! The first one is much more down to earth but meaningful.

@Marc: Happy Birthday! I see you updated your age on the blog already -- that's very honest of you :)
I love your first haiku, again the image is superb. The second is good too, but the first one is the real stand-out.

The Dragon's Birthday
The dragon slept through
His last birthday. After eight
Hundred years, who cares?


The dragon wants gold
For his birthdays. He has ten
Of them every year.

Watermark said...

@Marc: Happy birthday!! I very much like the imagery of your first haiku! :)

@Zhongming: nicely done!! :)

@Summerfield: Great imagery there, I like the use of "momma" in your second haiku. It's amazing how one word can give out a lot of meaning :)

@Greg: Fantastic flow of the words there. Brilliant!

Here's mine:

A birthday today, fit
for a dragon who
just found his wings to fly.


At trees and men, they
breath fire and roar -
Dragons celebrating.

A Book Inside said...

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Marc said...

Zhongming - thanks! I like both of yours as well, but the first one the most. I love the idea that dragons are just like us :)

Summerfield - love that second haiku. I agree with Watermark, 'momma' just conveyed so much.

Greg - thank you :)

Your first haiku is brilliant. Love it, love it, love it.

Watermark - thanks! I really liked both of your haiku, the second one slightly more. Just sounds like a fun party, you know? :)

A Book Inside - thanks for the invite, I'll have to check that out later. And thanks for stopping by!