Tuesday October 12th, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: cavemen.

Alternatively: two cavemen haiku. Whatever floats your boat.

We got most of our garlic for next year planted this morning and we should finish that up tomorrow morning. It was fun to be back out working in the dirt again instead of just harvesting.

No reno work got done today, other than taking a load of garbage to the dump and picking up some more supplies at the hardware store. But we should be back in there on Thursday, after planting and picking/delivering this week's restaurant order tomorrow.


Home ruined again?
That be seventh time this week!
Me hate dinosaur.

*     *     *

Ugly face, no charm,
but still get all of the chicks -
Grog has biggest club.


summerfield said...

marc, you and kat make a lovely, lovely couple. i wish you all the best.

your stories about your renovations, the planting, the harvesting, the market, these are stuff i've always read in books from when i was a little girl. and i am quite taken that those things are not just stories anymore but actually being done by someone i (sort of) know.

now, your second haiku: i can't help but laugh, but that is because i have a one-track mind. as the young people write or say these days, LOL!


grunt! grunt! and more grunt
'tis all he knows how to say
he's a caveman, see?

he makes damn good fire
with two stones or dried branches
cuz he's a caveman!

i know, it's rather lame but i know nothing about cavemen (although i must say that in my younger days i dated some of them!). hah!

Greg said...

@Summerfield: I quite like both your haiku, probably the first one slightly better :)

@Marc: So is it planting season now, then a little bit of downtime for the winter before it all picks up again for the second planting in spring? I love garlic, so I'm quite thrilled to hear you're planting it!

Non-fiction? Me? I think you have mistaken me for someone else, sir! (Ahem.) I shall find some time to check out How the Best was Won soon, I promise.

I like your first haiku best, but the second one's pretty good too!

Caveman haiku

Caveman magazine
Says this one goes well with pets,
But keep him indoors.


My caveman eats fish --
My pet fish to be precise --
And he's not house-train'd!

Zhongming said...

Marc - I like both of your haikus. Your first haiku is an interesting imagination. And your second haiku made me smile :)

Summerfield - I think both of your haikus are great! And not lame at all - it’s cool that you have some firsthand experience with dating cavemen :)

Greg – ah, cavemen magazine – that’s something I never thought of. I like your first haiku best. And your second is a funny twist, it made me smile :)


Staying far away,
In that secluded cave -
Aren’t you afraid of darkness?


He hack care of the
Cave dangers ahead,
Just to search for bird nest.

Marc said...

Summerfield - thank you, that's very kind :)

I have to admit to also laughing at the alternative interpretation when I wrote it. I'm glad I'm not the only one :D

For not knowing anything about cavemen, I'd say you did a fine job with your haiku!

Greg - yeah, we just have to mow the garden down once the frost finally hits and then get our winter cover crop planted. Then... sweet rest.

Cavemen not playing well with other pets - who'd have thought? :)

Zhongming - I quite like your first one :)