Tuesday October 5th, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: advice.

It's so beautiful outside right now. Twenty-two degrees just before five in the afternoon, not a cloud in the sky. It's hard to believe it's October.

Good thing the rain and cooler weather will be here soon to remind me :(


You want the answers
to all of life's big questions?
Check the internet.

*     *     *

Hey, what do you think -
Does this tie go with this shirt?
Like butter on bread.


Sheshe said...

Marc - You can really find those answers there, huh?


A good listening ear
only listens to a friend's pain
the lips, ceases to give any advice

Greg said...

Haha, it's pouring with rain here and has been quite wet (a little on-and-off) for the past two weeks. I'm thoroughly enjoying it! However, your weather sounds really great too, and I'd believe it's much easier to farm when it's not raining. Do you think cows are grumpy in the wet?

I like your second haiku best for the comparison, but the first sounds like the belief of a lot of people out there....


The eyeless angel
Muses on my question and
Tells me I'm stupid.


My best advice is:
Fold, spindle, bend, mutilate,
And then be sorry.

Zhongming said...

Marc – That’s a nice temperature, especially great for an afternoon nap :P

Yeah, internet has left us with many clues to those but ultimately it’s the experience that counts, I think :)

Sheshe – eh, I feel like I agree to it only to a certain degree (nothing against you). Sometimes free advice may aid you throughout your whole entire life, those advice are usually sickening (which is why you will remember for a long time.) just my thoughts :)

Greg – I really like your first haiku! Can’t explain why, but I just like it :)


Don’t limit yourself -
The world is only a small
Part of the universe.

Just move the pen,
Across the page,
And it will tell you a story.

Jackerbie said...

Where there's smoke, fire;
a little bird told me so.
Damn! My toast is burnt.


Rejoice at doubters:
their pessimism shows you
it hasn't been done.

Marc said...

Sheshe - some days, it feels that way :)

And that's some fine advice you've given.

Greg - I think cows are grumpy in general. I'll let you know should we ever get one :)

Your first made me laugh, so that's my favorite this week.

Zhongming - your first one is fantastic, very nicely done.

Jack - your second haiku has struck a chord with me. Feels like something I should print out and stick on my writing notebook :)

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