Sunday October 3rd, 2010

The exercise:

Let us write about: working vacations.

I wasn't going to make a prompt out of this, but it's really too long to talk about otherwise. So here we are!

Going out to the movies tonight for the first time in ages. I'll let you know how Eat, Pray, Love turns out in tomorrow's post.


So. Jamaica at the end of January, start of February next year.

Our original plan was to honeymoon in France, but with the garden taking up almost all of our spring, summer, and fall, that only left traveling in winter. And the weather in Europe isn't exactly ideal during that time of year. So we started considering other options.

Cuba was in the running for a while, but then Jamaica entered the conversation and it was pretty much game over not long after that. I haven't been there since I went with my family when I was four and I've been wanting to go back for years. Plus it's a chance to visit my mom's sister and check out where my mom grew up.

And, you know, beaches, sunshine, awesome food, etc.

Around the same time as all this was happening, we started talking about how it would be neat for Kat to teach yoga in various tropical locations during our winter, in order to avoid the weather here and since the garden wouldn't need our attention for months.

So, naturally, we ended up combining the two. Our second week in Jamaica will be spent exploring the island on our own schedule. The first? Kat will be teaching three yoga classes a day at the Breezes Grand Resort in Negril while I sit on the beach and write. And drink. And write. And maybe drink some more.

We get to stay there for a week at a cost of what otherwise would cover just over a single night's stay. So Kat doesn't get paid outright, but if you consider the discount we're getting... I sure ain't complaining.

I can't wait.


Jackerbie said...

My working vacation? A semester abroad in Singapore next fall. At least that's the hope: fingers crossed, knock on wood, and all the rest.

Why Singapore? Mostly because it's a country I want to see a lot more of, and an area of the world I haven't explored too much.

But that won't cut it on my application form, I need to have a more relevant reason for jet-setting to the Far East. Luckily, I have tonnes!

Foremost, I'm completing a cultural studies degree, and what better way to study culture than to experience it first-hand and learn in a setting almost completely divorced from my own?

The National University of Singapore also has a well established geography program, which happens to be my minor. Specifically, I'm interested in urban geography, and Asia offers some of the best case studies in that field. There's the development of rural China, the wealth explosion and implosion in the Middle East, the population crises in India. The list goes on and on.

Finally, a lot of my cultural studies classes have been in the department of Japanese Studies, whose syllabus I have exhausted. Situating myself in Singapore offers me a second chance to explore the field of Japanese Studies, with many invigorating courses that would never be offered in "the West."

So, that's my piece about a working holiday. If everything comes together, I'll likely has much more to write about!

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Practically every summer during high school was a working summer in some capacity. The summer before freshman year I was preparing for a piano competition; before sophomore year there was something, though I can't quite remember what; before junior year I was doing some homework for the coming year and starting to really bring my audition repertoire together; before senior year there was college application stuff and really digging into my audition material.

This past summer, though, was free.

Aside from my recital in July, I was completely and totally free.

This was a newish concept to me.

But, given a mind like mine it can't stay idle. Even if the school year is done and over with I still yearn for academia. So, on my "off" summer I read more than I had in months (as far as pleasure reading goes), I went with the family to visit some family in Florida, and got college stuff ready.

I'm glad I was rested after this summer. I definitely have my work cut out for me this semester. And I've the feeling most vacations are going to be working ones for at least a good chunk of the foreseeable future.

The "price" I pay for "my mind [that] rebels at stagnation."

Greg said...

@Jackerbie: that sounds like a whole lotta fun! I lived in Germany for a year as part of my degree and it was absolutely fantastic. Not only did I improve my German no end, but I had a chance to immerse myself fully in a different culture. I hope you have as much fun in Singapore as I did in Germany!

@g2: it sounds like you keep busy! I think a chance to relax a little before college begins is a good idea -- as you say, for the next few years everything's going to be a little hectic.

@Marc: the yoga idea is fantastic! I shall be intrigued, to say the least, to see your writing after you've spent the day on the beach in the sunshine drinking... ;-)

Working vacation

"I was told this was going to be a working vacation," Cindy-bob said tentatively, wishing not for the first time that her accent didn't make her sound like such a redneck. Mr. Peters, both taller and wider than any man she'd seen before (which included her brother Bob-bob who could carry a full-grown pig under each arm) smiled showing solid gold teeth.
"A working-girl's vacation," he said. "Only not so much of the vacation, really."

morganna said...

They say I'm married to my work. I say they're wrong. I take a vacation every once in a while. Is it really my fault when the antiques dealer offers me fake gems for purchase?

Zhongming said...

Marc – That is sweet and I have always loved the idea of laid-back lifestyle like relaxing in the beach. I would love to travel there someday with my beloved as well. :)

Jackerbie – Welcome to Singapore, my hometown! For me, I stayed over in Taiwan for a year during my army days. I think you will like Singapore’s multiracial society.

g2 – That sounds hard on you, hang on tight.

Greg – Nicely done! I like your second verse particularly.

morganna – Interesting thoughts :)


Let us have a great time in Holland next month. I am pretty much done with the planning for the working vocation. Shall we get to the details?

Thomas notices the built-up stress that Cherry had since last month. It was a tough month for the couple as they had pretty much to prepare for their wedding. Cherry is looking worn up, most likely due to lack of sleep for the past few days.

Come over here, you look tired; Thomas extends his arm over her shoulder to allow her head to rest lightly on his chest. Cherry looked somewhat relived, presented slightly cheerful smile, and said, “Yeah, I would love to!”

Well, let us forget about everything for a while… He tries to keep her accompany and feel her up with his care and love.

They both sat down on sand, enjoying the breeze, listening to the sound of waves.

You are the most beautiful angel in my life. Without you, my life would have been so lonely. You are the only person I want to spend my life with, you know.

Heather said...

Lorraine needed a vacation. She was physically and emotionally exhausted and frequently on the verge of tears. No matter how frustrated or disappointed she felt though, she kept her lips curved up in a pleasant smile and continued on. Anything less would have shown ingratitude, rudeness, and other such negative traits.

So she continued, watching the days get ticked off the calendar one by one. On the last day of the week, she breathed a great sigh of relief. Finally, it had arrived and in no time at all, her husband, two children, in-laws, and their three children would pack up and leave what the other's referred to as a little piece of heaven to head home.

Just the sound of the word home made her giddy. She'd suddenly have charge of only her children. She'd have access to transportation and would be able to enforce the rules of her home without hesitation or trepidation. She thought she smelled the scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and knew she would soon be on vacation from what was suppose to be her vacation. Home felt like heaven.

summerfield said...

working vacations -

Lorie lets her flowery-patterned wrap drop on the marble floor. She knows that the few people already at the pool have all their eyes on her: ample bosom, flat stomach, well-rounded buttocks, and the slim long legs, accented by her cherry-red string bikini. Through her dark Serengeti sunglasses, she sees the young lifeguard salivate as she daintily loosens her pony tail, her curly dark hair cascading down her shoulders. She sits on the white beach chair lined with thick velour towel and sprays suntan lotion on her arms and legs, deliberately and provocatively. Then slowly lifting her legs onto the chair, she lies on her back, cradling the back of her head with her hands. She closes her eyes, hears the sound of men’s whispered admiration along with the women’s low hissing at their men.
The instant she feels the sun piercing through her skin, a shadow falls on her face and she opens her eyes. Lucas peers through her sunglasses, and whispers, “Are you sleeping, sweetie?”

In her mind, she wants to reach up and scratch his face, how dare him! She closes her eyes again.

“Whoo-hooo! Lorie! Wakey-wakey!”

She feels something cold on her belly. She opens her eyes and looks down. Lucas is holding a tall glass of Mai Tai on one hand, and an ice cube he obviously has scooped from the glass and has dropped on her belly button.

“What the..!” she says. Her hand savagely pushes his fat hand and he loses his balance, his butt hitting the beach chair behind him before finally falling on the marble tiles, losing his grip on the glass. The floor suddenly takes on the colour of red, both from the Mai Tai and the blood oozing from his hand.
“What do you want, Lucas!” she hissed at him.

“Well, I just want you to take a dictation,” he says. “Why must you be so crabby?” He reaches for a towel and wraps his bleeding hand, careful not to step on the pieces of broken glass.

“Well, I’m trying to sunbathe, in case you haven’t noticed,” Lorie says with sharp sarcasm.

“I know,” Lucas says, still in an even calm voice. “But we haven’t done work for two days now.” He motions to the lifeguard. “And by the way, you should go to the front desk and book yourself a room. My wife called and decided to follow me here so I think it’s best for her to stay with me in the suite. I don’t want her suspecting anything about us, sweetie.”

summerfield said...
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Marc said...

Jack - that sounds awesome. Are you going to visit Robyn (I think that's where she is at least)?

g2 - I still do not miss school :)

Greg - love the names :D

Morganna - I'm married to my working partner (at least during the garden seasons) and feel very little need for a vacation. Just rest :)

Zhongming - that was very lovely :)

Heather - nothing like some time away to appreciate what surrounds us every day :)

Summerfield - hah, nice twist at the end :)

morganna said...

Just to be clear -- my little piece was fiction.