Saturday October 30th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the last princess.

Since it's a combination of another novel character and the fact that we attended our last market of the year this morning.

It actually went very well, with a lot of people stocking up on apples for the winter, so a very positive market season ended on a very positive note.

Little announcement coming tomorrow.


All her sisters have passed away,
Much to Sarah's (public) dismay;
Now o'er the kingdom she'll preside -
All thanks to some sororicide.


Jackerbie said...

She was that last one of her kind,
her kin and peers deceased,
but no-one knew her, nor could they find
her even if they pleased.

Zhongming said...

Marc - nice poem, fit together nicely :)

Jackerbie - nicely done! 

Born in high social status,
No lack of material stuffs,
Her whole life is pre-planned,
So what is a good life?

Greg said...

@Jackerbie: that's a mysterious little poem, and asks the question where she died that no-one could find her!

@Zhongming: You've done it again, there's something very haiku-like about your short verse! I really like the apposition in the final line, it makes the whole poem for me.

@Marc: hehe, your poem reminds me of Stardust. It's almost got the feel of a nursery rhyme to it -- truth told to children as an amusing story.
So not chickens, and not longhand blogging. Oh well, one more guess at your announcement: you've obtained sponsorship from a Vancouver-based water-management company and there will be a lot more adverts and a pay-wall on the blog from now on?

The last princess
As beautiful as a spring morning,
Renoir once painted a portrait of her.
Working nine-til-five in her father's shop,
The last princess, the cobbler's daughter.

[You may already know that a last is a tool used for making shoes.]

Watermark said...

@Marc - brilliant! Great word that one "sororicide" - will add it to my list methinks :)

@Jackerbie - good one! Brings to my mind the story of Anastasia for some reason :)

@Zhongming - I like it! It's got attitude and bundles of character :)

@Greg - Fantastic!!! Didn't know the alt meaning of "last" so it gives the poem a whole new meaning :)

The last princess

In subdued sleep, she lay
As night broke into day
A princess who held no disdain
‘twas in her destiny to be plain.

On another note - NanoWriMo starts tomorrow and I'm psyched up about it!!! Good luck for those taking part :)

summerfield said...

marc, i am intrigued by this "little" announcement. is it i think what it is? :-)

jackerbie, this is a poem that has a potential for continuation, just because i am intrigued who your princess is and exactly what happened.

zhongming, excellent!

greg, just the other day, i was at the mall looking for the shoe repair shop and asked an elderly lady, isn't there a cobbler around here? the lady said, now there's a word i haven't heard in a long time! but before that, i got directed to an ice cream shoppe with a sign "peach cobbler on special". yeah, like i would have baskinrobbins repair my high heels. oh, and i love your poem!

the last princess

the young king's weary looking at all the princesses,
in his search to find his beautiful queen.
"all these are boring, any one at all interesting?"
then comes the last one wearing a large nose ring.

summerfield said...

watermark, didn't mean to ignore you. from the looks of it, i think your comments arrived just as i was sending mine, which i thought wasn't going through in the first place.

good luck, you guys, with nanowrimo. i thought about doing it, too, but a lot of things are happening around here these days and i haven't made any preparation so i think it best that i'd go for it next year.

Watermark said...

hey summerfield, no worries at all. Yeah I think we were posting about the same time :)

Marc said...

Jack - mmm, intriguing.

Zhongming - great final line :)

Greg - ah, you and your alternative definitions. Nice one!

Watermark - lovely little poem. And best of luck to you in November!

Summerfield - I don't know, was it? :)

Haha, great, fun little poem!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate what you're doing here!