Sunday October 10th, 2010


It's been brought to my attention that today is 10/10/10. So to celebrate(?), the first sentence of your writing today will begin with: On a scale of one to ten...

One of our guests for dinner last night was also one of our wedding photographers, and he brought with him a disk with the pictures he'd taken, as well as a slideshow (with music!) that he'd created out of the best of them. I could literally watch that show all day.

Anyway, I'll get around to uploading all the pictures somewhere at some point, but I thought I'd share a few here:


On a scale of one to ten, the car cowering before me was a minus five. Only one of the three tires in place looked like it was even in the neighborhood of full, and I suspected no one around knew where the fourth tire was lurking.

The windshield had a crack wandering from the lower right corner to the upper left, and I could see at least five different colors on the exterior. Where the paint wasn't obliterated by rust, that is.

"Does it even start?" I asked without much hope for an answer I wanted to hear.

"Sometimes," came the reply from the mechanic. "More often when it's warm out. She seems to like the sun."

I wandered around to the back of the car to inspect the trunk. It was, to my great surprise, properly shut and I had to get him to pop it from up front. Which he did by reaching through the open window, since the driver's side door was jammed.

It opened without so much as a squeak of a hinge and a smile appeared on my lips. My grin only grew larger when I saw the downright roomy confines of its interior.

"It's perfect," I announced, much to the man's surprise. "I'll take it."

You could, I had surmised after some brief mental calculations, fit enough explosives in there to level my office building. And maybe even that horrible coffee shop across the street from it.


Samantha said...

Marc, I absolutely love your photos. They are fantastic. And your writing. I sometimes feel like using explosives on my work place.

On a scale of one to ten, this morning was around an eight. Tonight, however, was a two.

This morning was the SAT. It seemed to have gone really well, especially the essay; the prompt was about creative arts. I also got to see a friend from Governor's School, which was nice.

Tonight, unfortunately, was less that fantastic. At competition, we preformed better that last week, but we last the magic that was experienced at last night's show. If only we could have played like we did last night today, we might have won.

Unfortunately, although we got ones, we placed as two.

Greg said...

@Samantha: that's a bittersweet little tale!

@Marc: The pictures are beautiful, and the story made me smile at the end.

On a scale of one to ten weighing out 280g of flour quickly became very tedious indeed. Ardvan Czeseley (who hated his name, and that his employer had quickly spotted the comic potential of Lardvan) cursed his employer silently under his breath. Who had only drug-scales in an entire subterranean complex, complete with whooshing doors and anti-spy measures?
The kitchen door behind him whooshed open, and he heard the rattle of claws on tile. Bad Kitty had arrived.

Zhongming said...

Marc – ah, beautiful sunflowers and your wedding photo certainly tells me a great story about the day where you pledge your love with Kat. I like what you wrote for the day, excellent! :)

Samantha – like the creative spikes you place on yours, a word for the team “try harder next round!” :)

Greg – cool, that’s a great little piece :)

On the scale of one to ten, I try to measure my own doings and thinking capacity. This struck me while I was walking alongside my mum on our way back home from dinner.

Most of the time I kept my faith and stayed in meditative manner by constantly had just a few images and sounds within myself.

At first I had to fight tooth to nail for my inner peace. It somehow seems to have a way to consume my thoughts. The more you try to oppose, the more you find yourself in deeper sin. That is where greed, anger, jealousy – the three common demons will appear right before you.

The truth about people is that all of us had some sort of desire somehow. And it will slowly progress as we live. It is also the reason why we are driven and motivated to achieve our goals.

When I start to scale myself from one to ten, I couldn’t. The life of each individual and the path that they will walk are all unique. No two people are a hundred percent identical. They all somehow had scale of “ten” at some point in life. This is the equality that I believe in. No one is more superior to you other than yourself.

morganna said...

Marc -- love the photos.

This is non-fiction about last Friday night:
On a scale of one to ten, the pain was an eight. That was half an hour after the incident. The pain at the time had been a nine, very close to a ten. That wooden truck was very, very solid.

After calling my husband home from his get-together, he decided I was in enough pain to go to urgent care. Luckily, they are now open 24 hours a day, as otherwise we would have arrived just at closing time. Unluckily, other people in pain had the same thought.

An hour later, the x-rays came back. No fracture. Just a jammed joint. Tape the affected toe to its neighbor, ice and elevate.

I spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday on the couch with my foot up. Today, Monday, it is returning to normal, although still painful. It's more like a 3 or a 4 on the scale of one to ten.

Marc said...

Samantha - yeah, we're really pleased with the pictures we've seen so far :)

And thankfully I no longer have any desire to blow up my workplace!

Sorry to hear about the competition, but I hope your SAT results will lift your spirits back up.

Greg - that was an excellent intro to Bad Kitty! Can't wait for more :)

Zhongming - thank you, and that was a wonderfully contemplative bit of prose. Thanks for sharing it :)

Morganna - ouch! Sorry to hear about your injury, I hope it heals up quickly.