Saturday October 9th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: sleepwalking.

Long day today. Up at quarter to five this morning, off to Penticton for the market (went very well), came home to crash for a couple hours, dinner and drinks with seventeen people (also went very well), and now... I shall sleep.


I am so very tired
Of prying my eyes open,
Just to find myself naked
In my Aunt Mary's garden.


Greg said...

Ah yes, I didn't think that you'd get a bank holiday per se :) I did think that there might be bank holiday markets you'd be attending though, but it sounds like you've marketed enough for one weekend! I hope you sleep well tonight!


The pharmacist has promised that with these pills,
I'll no longer have to fear sleepwalking.
Though it's true, I've had to buy a falcon,
Because now it seems I'm sleep-hawking.

Zhongming said...

Marc – have a good rest! I think your poem is a great take on the prompt! :)

Greg – haha, I didn’t know that sleepwalking could be stopped with pills :)


I collapse right on the bed,
Just like bearing a gunshot,
After a long night sleep,
They found me on the street.

Marc said...

Greg - sleep-hawking. That's... brilliant :D

Zhongming - the street would be a scary place to wake up! I hope if I ever go for a walk while asleep I stay well away from traffic :)