Thursday October 7th, 2010

The exercise:

Let's go with: the thrift store.

We found a used kitchen oven at the thrift store in town today for pretty cheap. It's sitting down in the cabin right now, waiting for us to plug it in and see if it actually works. Fingers crossed!

Also: I'd just like to thank everyone out here on the 'front page', or whatever you want to call this, for their wonderful comments on yesterday's topic. I really wasn't sure what sort of reaction it would get, so I'm glad to see it struck a chord.

On another note entirely: here is a picture I took today. I'm thinking about creating a photography blog, but have no idea when I'll get around to it. Maybe mentioning it here will help... but probably not.


I'll take the pants
From the eighties,
And the shirt
From the seventies,
Paying for it all
With pennies.

I'll be back
Next week
To scour your
Fine boutique
To play grownup
Hide and seek.

You want to know
What I hide?
Well if you
Look inside
The dolls you'll see
Why they've cried.


Jackerbie said...

Through nooks and crannies,
high and low,
I go spyin' and a-searchin'.

My eyes are trained and focused,
for findin' and unearthin'.

Atop a shelf or on racks
there be treasures perchin'.

With toothy grins and a cry
to the merchant I be marchin'.

He takes both card and cash
and so
I'm swipin' and a-PINin'.

My treasure safe with me
I go
in search o' more thrift shoppin'.

Greg said...

@Jackerbie: Card transactions in a thrift shop? Nice rhythm and good words!

@Marc: I like your poem, though the third verse adds a very sinister twist to it all! I also love the butterfly.

[@Heather, from yesterday's comments: I shall expand on Bad Kitty soon!]

Thrift store

Among the racks of winter coats,
Some barely worn and some worn bare,
I find the tatters of people's dreams,
Hanging limply there.

A forgotten ticket in a pocket,
A photograph from years ago,
A broken-chained and rusting locket,
A blood-stained yellow memo.

Some I take and some I leave,
Some dreams need resusitating,
The thrift store's held them long enough,
It's time to end their waiting.

Zhongming said...

Marc – Hopefully it will make you some nice cakes. That picture is incredible! And I totally agree to the idea of a photography blog! Oh ya, that’s a great poem! I love your first verse, very much :)

Jackerbie – That’s amazing, you are sure good with rappin :)

Greg – Wow, that’s a wonderful piece! Great imaginary and memories just flow through my thoughts with yours.


It’s a place,
That I can find,
Most of the stuffs,
That I own before.

Previous visit,
I sold my precious
Music compact disc
And I’ve learnt that
I can actually get over it.

It has been awhile,
Since my last visit,
That place shall remain as
A journey of my courage.

Jackerbie said...

Zhongming - honestly, all i was thinking was pirate swagger, hahah. but what would a pirate be doing in a thrift store, and why would he have a debit card?

Marc said...

Jack - the image of a pirate thrift shopping is, to say the least, quite striking. I think I would like to follow this pirate around for a day or two :D

Greg - the final stanza was born entirely out of me trying to explain the 'hide and seek' line in the second :P

That's a wonderful poem, and I found the first stanza particularly fantastic.

Zhongming - thanks, I hope so too!

I really like your second stanza :)