Friday January 4th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: day care.

With both of Kat's parents coming down with the flu in the last several days, we've had to steer clear of their house this week. And while I wouldn't call what they've done for us day care - I mean, do you know of any centers that regularly cook dinner for the parents? - it's close enough to turn it into a prompt.

Also as a result of this, we actually made ourselves a good meal this evening. We picked up some salmon from the fish shop in town, pulled some acorn squash out of storage, grabbed some green beans out of the freezer, and cooked up a pot of wild rice to top it all off.

Felt good to put together one of our usual meals again.


The evidence was impossible to miss. Parents could discern what had happened before they had even stepped out of their cars in the parking lot. The little girl, though not yet four months old, truly had a style all her own.

Debra The Destroyer of Diapers had struck again.


Greg said...

That salmon sounds very nice! Perhaps there are upsides to people having the flu as well – it would certainly be nice to think so. I'm intending to make General Tso's chicken tonight (assuming nothing intervenes); I'll let you know how it turns out.
Ah Deborah. That's one little girl I think I'll avoid until she's toilet-trained :)

Day care
They were stood outside the Gordonston Crown Green bowling club, he looking bored and his father looking enthusiastic.
"You should come in, son, and try the game yourself!"
"No thanks, Dad, I 've got to get back into town and pick up Charlie and Deborah before there's another diaper... incident."
As he walked back to the car he wondered if his Dad would appreciate knowing that Charlie referred to the bowls club as "Daddy Day Care".

Owl chic said...

I was caught off guard when he told me that his daughter was in daycare. He was sitting home alone, and had been all day, yet his infant daughter was spending her time in the hands of strangers. He insisted that she was there to begin establishing a routine. I insisted that routine could be started when he actually went back to work.

Marc said...

Greg - mmm, the chicken sounds tasty. Hope it turned out well!

Hah, great little segment. And I do appreciate the tie-in with mine :)

Owl chic - welcome to the blog, thanks for sharing some of your writing with us!

I like that you've managed to convey so much about both the narrator and the dad. I can just picture the scene when your narrator first arrives.

Also: good lord, I could not imagine doing that with my son.