Tuesday January 22nd, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: a winter evening.

Had a bit of time to myself this morning and actually managed to get some writing done. It felt spectacularly good.


Iced drinks in each hand,
watching soft waves kiss the beach;
winter in Cuba.

*     *     *

Beneath thick blankets,
hypnotized by the fire,
dreaming of Cuba.


Greg said...

I'm sensing a theme in your haiku today... something wintry, I think :-P Or possibly planning Max's first holiday?
I think I like your second haiku better, mostly because I like blankets and fire.

A winter evening
Levelling the snow
As it gets dark. This is our
Winter evening.

The wind howls with rage,
My igloo stands firm, is strong.
Wamrth, in cold's chill heart.

[For the first haiku I'm hoping that non-British English also pronounces the "en" syllable distinctly when talking about evening out or flattening.]

Anonymous said...

marc, very neat comparisons

morganna said...

Yes, Greg, the 1st haiku worked even with my non-British English. :)

It has been below zero at night and early mornings for weeks now here. They cancelled school at -13 (but the windchill had been -25 earlier). But mostly life goes on. We were happy this morning at 5 above zero. (All temps in Fahrenheit.)
Cold. So very cold.
So cold fingers tingle lungs
Burn. So very cold.

So cold we think we
Warm at thirteen above
Zero. So, so cold.

Marc said...

Greg - great wordplay in your first (and yes, the pronunciation worked for me), and I love the imagery in your second.

Writebite - thanks :)

Morganna - eek, that is cold. Time to snuggle up and keep warm!

Hah, particularly liked your second one this week. It's all relative, isn't it?

Kathleen Richardson said...

Just one...

Warmly wrapped in wool
Seated by fire, soup in hand
Snug in winter’s grip.

Marc said...

Kathleen - sometimes one is enough. Like this time, for example.

Lovely image you've shared, thank you :)