Wednesday January 2nd, 2013

The exercise:

Write a little about: the clearance.

Not quite what I've got going on here, but more accurate words (discount, sale, etc.) have already been used as prompts. So... here we are.


I've decided to have a little photography sale over on our farm site to kick off the new year. From now until midnight on January 9th if you order any regularly priced print, you can get a second print of equal or lesser value for half price. 

Shipping is extra, but I do my best to keep it reasonable. I'm planning on getting all the orders into the printers on the 10th and I expect to start sending them out around the middle of the month.

I had originally intended to do this as a Christmas sale in early December. But then Max kind of took over everything around here and I wasn't able to organize things in time.

Then I thought I'd do it as a Boxing Week sale. The flu bug had some interesting thoughts on this idea, eventually convincing me to wait until now to put it out there. It was really hard to argue against the kind of logic he was using.

Anyway, if any of you happen to be interested in taking advantage of this sale please do get in touch with me at

And of course if you know anyone who might want to buy some of these prints I'd very much appreciate it if you passed this along to them.


Greg said...

It does sound as though something wanted you to wait until January to have your clearance sale. Let's hope that that's because you'll attract a record number of customers for the prints! And it sounds like you're over the flu properly now, so that's a good thing too :)

The Clearance
Sylvestra was reading a flyer, and by the way the ominous shadows were growing Dr. Septopus was sure that she didn't like what she was reading. He quietly picked up his new tablet computer and slinked out of the room as only a dyspeptic squid can.
"This is outrageous!" she snarled, her pretty face twisting into a mask of horrific proportions. Her head swelled and stretched until her whole face was a thing out of nightmares. "They can't perform a forest clearance like this!"
The janitor, a new hire and the only other person in the room, looked up. He reached up with a pink feather-duster and dusted her nose, which took several seconds as it was stretched over six square inches of face. Sylvestra sneezed.
"That's my forest!" she shouted, too annoyed to pay much attention. "That's my damn forest and I WILL NOT allow a clearance!"
"It sounds like you need a plan," said the janitor cheerfully. He produced a squirty bottle from about his person and started cleaning the board room table.
'YES!" roared Sylvestra. Then she looked at the janitor properly for the first time. "Who are you?"
"Planitor the Janitor," he said. "And do I have a plan for you!"

Ruric said...

I think it cannot be considered a clearance, since we are going to buy everything at a secondhand shop, but it should work.

My girlfriend is going back home. She has been in New Zealand for almost 9 months now and it is time to fly back to Mexico. This fact implies as well buying souvenirs for friends and family, something that I personally do not like to do. Nonetheless, she es really into it and I least I have convinced her to get stuff already used by others.

Instead of getting a shoddy gift, we can buy something better for the same price, with the only condition of not being new.

We have some gifts already but still have job to do.

Marc said...

Greg - that is certainly something worth hoping for :)

I rather like this janitor's pluck, I must say.

Ruric - like mine, close enough to do :)

I quite like the idea of spending the same money but getting more value, so I'm all for this plan. I hope it all works out!