Saturday January 5th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something that is: toxic.

This afternoon I finally installed the printer I got from my parents for Christmas. It's a colour one, which is exciting enough, but it also scans and copies (and faxes but we'd need a phone line in order to use that and we only have cell phones).

It'll be great to do our own colour printing, especially when it comes time to do up this year's box program posters for the farm. I've also wanted a scanner for a long time, and that function will likely eliminate most of our faxing needs as well.

The printer also does photos, but I want to look into cost and quality issues before getting too excited about that.


Fleeing from the wreckage,
Fumes slither toward the sky;
It's too late to stop them,
So we might as well just lie.


Greg said...

That sounds like quite the printer! It's definitely good to have a single device that does multiple functions like this, if only from a space-saving perspective. I'm waiting now for my mobile phone to start printing and faxing too, and then it'll be one device doing everything....
Heh, there's a tone of rue in your poem today; did you have particular incident in mind when you wrote it?

For years we loved each other,
But then you broke my heart.
You said you loved my mother;
That we were toxic from the start.

morganna said...

Don't touch the green slime --
Really, really don't.
I mean it -- it'll eat your ...

Marc said...

Greg - no, none in particular. Just a general impression of pretty much all of them.

Oof, dumped in favour of your own mother. That'd be a tough one to swallow!

Morganna - thanks for bringing a smile to my face :)