Wednesday January 16th, 2013

The exercise:

I do believe it's time to bring back the list prompt. So use all of the following words (in some form or another) in today's writing: sunshine, lake, chase, luck.

Max did pretty well this morning, getting through his shots without too many complaints. This afternoon and evening, on the other hand, have been more of a challenge. It's like it just took a while for him to figure out exactly what happened.

Hopefully he'll be feeling better tomorrow.


"Well this certainly sucks."

There really wasn't any room for disagreement. There we were on the only weekend of the summer that we all had off from our various jobs, all set to relax by the lake in our bathing suits, and the sun was nowhere to be found.

On our side of the lake at least.

"Those lucky bastards."

This was directed, without much enthusiasm, at the campers on the opposite shore. They were perfectly positioned to capture the rays that had managed to slip between a crack in the clouds that had otherwise smothered the sky.

We had been watching as the patch of sunlight moved slowly from east to west, never even thinking about moving in our direction. Talk was turning to building a fire, maybe making the long trip back into town to get some coffee or hot chocolate. It was all rather depressing, really.

"Forget this," I declared, dragging myself to my feet and brushing the sand from my legs. "Come on, let's go."

"What are we doing?"

"We, my friends," I said over my shoulder as I strode along the edge of the water, "are chasing sunshine."


Greg said...

I hope Max is feeling better today, though it sounds like things didn't go too badly with the vaccinations. And, as uncomfortable as they may be, he's definitely better off vaccinated :)
I like the optimistic tone your story ends on today, with a hint of a quest in there too. A great way to put your word-list to use!

Chase Sunshine lake luck
It was dark, like it always was in this burg. Mad Frankie had put word out on the street that he fancied a word with me, but I didn't much fancy a word with him so I was hiding out in the shadows, away from the sunshine glare of a blowtorch wielded by his Anger Management. A hobo looked up and pitied me as I slunk past.
"McArthur?" Her voice screeched like a badly-tuned radio and I swear my fillings tingled like I was chewing on aluminium foil.
"Chase?" I tried to sound surprised but most of my emotions were stripped from me by some aggressive electroshock therapy at the Lake Clinic on 43rd Street. I hadn't been supposed to be in there, but I was on a case and I didn't realise that the patient I was impersonating had quite so many neuroses. I got my own back by faking my death – I can pretty much swallow my own tongue - and as luck would have it the doctor had a weak heart.
"McArthur? You were supposed to buy me cigarettes!"
"I did," I growled, my voice sounding like gravel in a cement mixer. "I smoked them for you too so you wouldn't get cancer."
"Oh!" She squeaked, and I wondered for a moment how many years I get for murdering Minnie Mouse. Probably not enough, I decided.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, short term pain for long term gain, hopefully.

You managed to incorporate the list words so smoothly that I had to go back and look for them to make sure you'd used them all! Nicely done :D