Monday January 14th, 2013

The exercise:

Write about: the quarantine.

Doctor's appointment went great this morning, as Max was his usual smiling, charming self. Everything looked good, and the little man is now up to a rather impressive 13 pounds.

The NHL returns to action this Saturday and the Canucks are set to open their abbreviated season that night. Fingers crossed that it will be one worth waiting for.


One little cough
Was all it took.
Now I'm locked up
Like a common crook -
They just had to
Do it by the book.

But I'm not sick,
Soon they will see
They've made a mistake
In confining me -
A common error
In times like these.

Why the delay,
Why can't I go?
Surely someone
Around here must know!
Cause I'm bleeding from
My eyes, ears, and nose?


Greg said...

Glad to hear all is well with you, Kat and Max! And good luck for the game at the weekend! Sorry this is brief, but it's turning out to be a busy day.


Arraigned in this cage –
Rage! Rage
Against the doctor's words, the
Nurses cares, the communion of
The tortured soul.
I know its role.
No ending while the bars are whole...
Evacuate the town.

Cathryn Leigh said...

He, he. My take on quarantine, is a bit different, given I work in a manufacturing environment, where we use it for product as opposed to people.


Quarantine’s the place where the product goes
Rejected or released, no one yet knows
Not till the testing’s done and the review is complete
The paper work is tidied up and made nice and neat

Then down upon the record with authoritative hand
The stamp of approval or rejection will land
Quality Assurance has spoken and labels provided
And by the disposition the product is divided.

Marc said...

Greg - do you ever have non-busy days?

Fantastic acrostic, which I was not expecting with this prompt. Great pacing and rhythm!

Cathryn - great alternative take on the prompt. Reminds me a little bit of my days in QA as a video game tester :)