Saturday January 26th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the outfit.

I'm sure I was going to write something interesting here, but Max is snoring away right now and I'm finding it rather distracting.


A skimpy little number
Draws so many stares.
"So what if I'm sixty-five?
Ladies love chest hair!"


Greg said...

Heh, I'm in Max's camp at the moment, it's been a pretty tiring weekend and I kind of wish I could have taken Monday off from work so that I could have a full length weekend. Given that they're openly asking for overtime volunteers though, I don't think they'd have said yes.
I love the punchline to your poem today. It made me smile :)

The outfit
Johnny's always running around,
Try to find his onesie;
Mary's buried it in the ground,
Somewhere lost, for eternity.

[with apologies to Robert Palmer, Johnny and Mary
Oh, and after you watch that video, tell me how many possible prompts ran through your mind!]

Anonymous said...

typos, ugh! again...

the outfit

budgie smugglers are on display
please, oh please, put them away
an outfit not fit for women to see
wear something else when you visit the sea

Marc said...

Greg - my goodness, that video certainly is a goldmine for prompt ideas.

I like what you've done with your poem as well :)

Writebite - I had not heard the term 'budgie smugglers' before. Now that I've (unfortunately) Googled it, I think it's hilarious.

The term, not the outfit. Just to be clear.

Anonymous said...

yup, it's an aussie thing:)