Tuesday January 1st, 2013

The exercise:

Let us begin the new year by writing two haiku about: possibilities.

So I figure this month will have six posts published with the wrong year in the header without me noticing until (at least) the next day. Anyone else willing to pick a number? Fabulous prizes for whoever comes closest.

Although fair warning: we might have vastly differing definitions of 'fabulous'.


A road, a trail, a
passageway to somewhere else -
where will yours take you?

*     *     *

Standing at a fork
in the road, hair turning grey,
paralyzed by choice.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

Protestant stand,
pick up your cross and live;
in the East.
* * *
The Lord is--
not Jewish; yet he was
at the cross.

© S. Wesley Mcgranor
(Please use only a link if sharing.)

Greg said...

@Mr. Mcgranor: I believe that haiku have a standard form of 5-7-5 syllables, but I don't think that your innovation detracts in any way from what you've done. For me personally the haiku is too short a form for religion, politics or sex, and I find the religion quite overwhelming in yours as well. In particular I think it swamps out the prompt of "possibilties", which is unfortunate. However, you do get your sentiment across, and perhaps that's what really matters.

@Marc: I'm sure I won't be too confused by you appearing to travel a year back in time now and then (though it could happen...). And at least it won't invalidate your copyright :)
I think I like your second haiku better today as the agony of decision is neatly presented.

Every spinning wheel –
another chance on offer.
Now choose: red or black?

She walks in a maze
Enjoying the branching paths
So many choices.

Lynn said...

@marc: Love both your haiku, but the second is the expression of where I am right now. Don't know if my haiku really fit the topic, but they are what they are.

Holding the new year
Close to my heart, pregnant with
The hope of new beginnings.

The music of life,
The rests as important as
The notes sung aloud.

morganna said...

I think I didn't get the counts right for the last lines, but oh well.

Will they be quiet?
The bouncing, happy children?
It's always possible.

A new year spreads out
Full of possibilities
Both good and bad.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Pardon me... I had not done haiku in a while.

Protestant stand,
pick up your cross and liveth;
in the East.
* * *
The Lord is
not Jewish; yet he was so--
at the cross.

© S. Wesley Mcgranor
Please use only a link if sharing.)

Ruric said...

One line is enough

Marc said...

Mr. Mcgranor - I think Greg's got my thoughts covered on this one pretty well, but I'd just like to add a quick welcome to the blog and I hope that you'll share more of your writing with us in the future :)

Greg - as long as my time travel isn't too unsettling I shan't worry too much about it then :P

Your first speaks to my love of roulette, and the image your second places in my head is intriguing. I can't pick a favorite between them!

Lynn - well then, I hope a clear choice appears to you soon :)

Two beautiful haiku. The first might stick more closely to the prompt, but I just love the second one.

Morganna - 'It's always possible'. Hah! I don't care if there is an extra syllable in there, that's still a great line :)

Ruric - ah yes, but what mystery and adventure might be waiting in the lines that follow? ;)

Delta said...

I'm new to this site - and to creative writing, really. Here are my first ever haikus. Thanks for the outlet!

A year for healing
To learn how to move past grief
To find peace and joy

I will laugh out loud
I will dance and spin and glide
I will have fun times

Marc said...

Delta - a warm welcome to the blog then! I hope you find it useful, or at least a little bit fun :)

Your first ever, hey? I'd say you're off to a fine start! I particularly liked the first one.

Looking forward to seeing more creative writing from you :)