Saturday January 19th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: getting started.

The lockout-shortened NHL season opened today. It was not a good beginning for the Canucks, but I'm not too worried since they only had a five day training camp and no preseason games to help them get ready for the real deal.

Hopefully they can turn things around quickly, because they've got another game tomorrow night.


Drop the puck already,
We've waited far too long!
Put on your uniform,
Get back where you belong!


Greg said...

Hopefully you'll forgive my ignorance, but what does "lockout-shortened" mean? I've understood that there's fewer games, but not why (and since the season never seems to last very long anyway, that seems like a bad thing!).
Go Canucks!
Heh, I do like the enthusiasm of the narrator in your poem. It reminds me slightly of some of Dorothy Parker's four-liners.

Getting started
Untied laces, unwashed faces,
No real effort, just half-hearted.
If I made all this fuss, dear kids,
This family would just be getting started....

Anonymous said...

getting started

machine guns firing
grenades are loaded
he looked at me, saying
hey, I'm just getting started

Marc said...

Greg - the owners had locked out the players while they negotiated a new collective bargaining agreement. It took them so long to come to terms that the first 34 games of the schedule were cancelled, leaving only 48 to play before the playoffs.

Also: nothing to forgive. I'd have been shocked if you'd be following that bit of news :)

Hah, fun poem!

Writebite - sounds like it's time to get out of there before his fun really begins!