Tuesday January 8th, 2013

The exercise:

The word of the day for this week's Two Haiku Tuesday is: double.

I dropped Kat and Max off at a mom and baby meeting this morning at the health clinic - they're doing a four week series of talks, starting with today's discussion on sleep. As I was about to climb back in the car I noticed another mother arriving, a baby carrier in each hand.

"Need any help with those?" I offered, thinking of how heavy Max was when I brought him inside.

"Oh no, I'm fine thanks."

"I guess you must be pretty used to it," I said, feeling a little stupid for not already realizing that.

"Yeah, it's amazing what you get used to."

It turns out her girls are three months old, but they were born two months early so they're pretty tiny. I went to a coffee shop to do some writing until it was time to pick my family up again and I couldn't stop thinking about that woman and her two babies.

Thus, today's prompt and haiku.

Oh! I promised a snow picture. Here you go:

That's the view looking out one of our back windows. They're still calling for rain tomorrow, so things could look quite different in less than 24 hours.


Everywhere she goes
there's a baby for each arm -
that's just her life now.

*     *     *

Twice the trouble but
twice the love? Maybe. For me?
One is plenty, thanks.


Greg said...

The picture is fantastic! I found myself slightly mesmerised by it, just sitting and enjoying all the detail in it. It will be a shame if the rain washes it all away.
It was very nice of you to offer to lend a hand, even if this time it wasn't needed :)
I think I prefer your first haiku better today, so much so that I'm going to steal it and change the last line to what I was hoping for ;-)

Everywhere she goes
there's a baby for each arm –
She has octoplets....

After a small fall
The world is twice as detail'd
(I'm seeing double)

"It's double or quits,"
Says the witch, who is grinning.
I'm never winning.

morganna said...

For the gum from the 80s:

Double the flavor
Everywhere you go with
Doublemint gum -- yum!

Two babies just alike
It's not double vision --
It's ident'cal twins!

Marc said...

Greg - thanks!

And why am I not surprised that you'd be expecting that final line? :)

I quite like your middle haiku, as it's a rather clever take on the prompt.

Morganna - oh my, I had forgotten about those commercials. Now I can only hope that silly song isn't stuck in my head...