Friday January 16th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about something or someone that is: early.

Had some time to myself this morning to do some work, then spent the afternoon with Max. We had another visit to the library and then a brief playtime in the playground across the street on the way back to the house.

Tomorrow we're headed back to Osoyoos for a birthday dinner for Kat's Dad. We're staying overnight and will be back here Sunday after lunch, if all goes to plan.

I've suspended our Osoyoos internet service but Kat's parents have one of their own, so I should still be able to do the blog while we're there. If nothing goes up tomorrow, assume that I wasn't able to find the time and expect Saturday's prompt to appear sometime on Sunday.


I was just getting to know you, little one. Getting used to having you around, you know? No offense, but your presence called for a rather large adjustment in my life.

And now... now you're gone all too soon.


Greg said...

I'm starting to think that every morning you toss a coin to decide which home to sleep in that night :) It sounds like a fun weekend ahead of you, so enjoy it :)
And... that's a few lines of prose that feel oddly sad; I think I know what's being referred to, but there's enough room for doubt. Though they do, admittedly, stand neatly on their own showcasing the power of pathos!

"You're a little early, Mr. Smith." Stan was stood at his front-door in his dressing gown, unshaven, trying not to yawn at the neatly besuited stranger who looked very agitated. "I wasn't planning on starting any research on teleportation until this afternoon."
The stranger looked at though he was going to cry and turned and hurried away dropping a piece of paper behind him: when Stan picked it up, it was a ticket for teleportation dated eighteen years in the future.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad prompt today, Marc. Greg, that was an interesting take on the prompt.


The contractions were coming quicker and quicker now, giving Nina barely enough time to compose herself before the next would twist her face and send horrible waves of pain through her. A part of Nina was overjoyed this was happening. She couldn’t take any more of that stupid hyperemesis gravis the doctors diagnosed her with. But her baby was coming too early; far too early.

morganna said...

Okay Marc and Ivy, you got me. Sometimes things happen early, and it's all fine.
She's a week early, and coming fast. Nurses better get the doctor here, she's coming fast. No waiting for the doctor, she's here now. What a perfect, tiny sweetheart!

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I suppose that's not too far off :P

That... would be a rough way to start the day, I think.

Ivybennet - not necessarily, but that was the direction my thoughts were traveling I suppose.

And eek, that last line of yours. Never something anybody would want to hear.

Morganna - thanks for a more positive take on the prompt :)