Tuesday January 13th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: Lego.

I took Max to the local library for the first time today. It's only a five minute walk away, but recently it has become increasingly difficult to convince him to leave the house (or do anything, really).

Anyway, it was mid-afternoon by the time I got him there, but we were able to spend about an hour reading books and playing with Lego. It was fun for him and an utter relief for me to be out of the house.

Hoping to take him to the StrongStart in OK Falls tomorrow morning. We'll see how that goes.


In the middle of
the night the smallest pieces
are found underfoot

*     *     *

Colorful pieces
joining together to form
psychedelic cars


Greg said...

Maybe Max is worried that you're going to add ever more homes everytime you leave the house, and that he'll never know where he's sleeping tonight? I'm sure it's just a phase though. Good luck with StrongStart!
I like your first haiku better today, though it's a close run thing, simply because I think we all know what it's like to find a lego-brick under a bare foot.

"Construction worker,"
said the careers advisor
hiding my Lego.

Lego bricks banned:
weapons of podiatric
destruction, you see.

morganna said...

Forgot to say yesterday: I would be honored to write next year's year-long prompt beginning. But that's a lot of pressure :)
Pieces everywhere
They seem to multiply in
The dark underneath.

Robots, cars, houses
Let your imagination fly
What can't you build?

Anonymous said...

I can relate with Max: I don't want to leave my apartment either. But that's mostly because my apartment is better than class :P


Building up towers
Only to wreck them later.
Power in your hands.

Small blocks of color,
Creativity can flow.
Just clean up after.

Marc said...

Greg - hmm, that's a possibility I hadn't considered! StrongStart was a success, by the way. He was excited to go and enjoyed himself while we were there, thank goodness.

Heh, I imagine a lot of construction workers got their start with Lego :D

Morganna - hurray! And no pressure at all - just introduce us to somewhere/someone and then let us loose :D

Hah, great first haiku. It really captures the joys of having Lego in the house :P

Ivybennet - eh, I tend to side with him as well. But I do eventually feel the need to get out of the house :P

Man, I feel like your second haiku should be made into a little poster to put up everywhere Lego can be found.