Tuesday January 27th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku from a child's point of view.

Late donut celebration was still delicious. Deliciously late? Sure. Went with the Canadian Maple again this year. I've already warned Kat that next year, being the 10th anniversary of my diagnosis, will require more than one donut to properly mark the occasion.

Spent most of the day with Max. Took him to StrongStart, read him some books at the library, and had some fun around the house. Traded off with Kat late afternoon in order to help her out with some marketing materials for her counselling business, which I think basically went well.

I guess we'll see when her new brochures come in the mail.


They ask me what I
want, as though they don't know that
I want everything

*     *     *

Spoons, empty boxes,
sticks, unattended wallets -
all the world's a toy


Greg said...

Hmm, I can still remember most of the Tim Horton's that I visited in Canada. I think they impressed me by being a definitely better-than-average chain, but the doughnuts were also memorable as well. Less so the coffee, but I'm aware that their coffee is practically a religion for some people :) Your doughnut does look appetising! All I have here in front of me are clementines.
The brochures sound like fun work! I hope they come out as you expect :)
And I think I like your second haiku slightly better today, but it's a close run thing. Especially with all the one-syllable words in your first haiku!

From a child's perspective
They keep saying no;
This must be a new game, as
They clearly mean yes!

They put the fun stuff
up high to encourage me
to climb up on things!

Anonymous said...

Daddy is so tall
And Mommy is very soft.
They make me feel loved.

I have a great friend.
He is imaginary.
No! Bob just stat there!

morganna said...

Up the stairs I go
Mommy calls for me upstairs
Down the stairs I go!

Mommy helps with math
Every night -- no Mommy,
No math -- not Daddy!

And the promised link from yesterday: https://lizbethsgarden.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/revenge-lamentations-poem/

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I'm not a huge coffee drinker but even I don't care for theirs. I know of several people who love it though, so... eh?

Having trouble choosing between yours as well, as both could easily apply to Max. Perhaps the second one slightly more.

Ivybennet - your first is very sweet, and the second made me laugh with its final line, so... let's call it a tie this week :)

Morganna - oh man, your second resonates for me. But at least it goes way at the moment - sometimes he only wants to do something with Mom, others just with me.

Thank you for the link! I shall check it out when I have more time.