Thursday January 8th, 2015

The exercise:

Write about: the snow fort.

Spent most of the day with Max again, but feeling less tired this time. I think that's mostly due to a better sleep last night, though there might be some advantage gained just by getting used to it.

Plus, you know, keeping the running around the house with a giggling and screaming and wriggling two year old in my arms to a minimum this time.

Gotta pace myself, right?


"Everyone in position?" That would have been Charlie, the leader of their gang. "Armed and ready to fight?"

"Ready!" They would have all shouted in reply. I can picture the wide smiles on all of their stupid little faces.

"We have ruled this fort all winter," I'm sure Charlie would have reminded them. "Spring is coming back for a visit starting tomorrow, so after today's battle we'll be the first group to ever go a whole season without suffering a single defeat!"

"We'll go down in history!" One of his idiot lackeys probably shouted.

"I heard they're up to something." I like to think at least one of them had caught wind of what we were up to, tried to warn the others. "Like, big."

"Are they resorting to spreading false rumours now? Hoping to dent our... confidence... with... what is that noise?"

I can almost hear them calling out different possibilities. Maybe an earthquake. A few suggestions of the school's garbage truck making an unscheduled pickup. I wasn't there, so I can't say for sure. I do have a pretty good imagination though.

What I can say for absolute certain, however, is that each and every one of them fell into shocked silence when I came around the corner behind the wheel of my dad's pickup truck, a gleaming silver snow plow leading the way.


Greg said...

Getting used to it, definitely, and knowing when to hold back and sit down and get your breath back also helps :) But you'll sleep well again tonight :)
Heh, I love the imagined re-enactment in the driver's mind as he heads towards his target, but isn't a snow-plough kind of cheating? Or is this just following the natural evolution of warfare in Europe: castles were great until you invent the siege-engine after all... :) But it's a heart-warming little tale, for all I fear that there's blood on the snow after it's all over.

The snow-fort
Madeleine peered nervously through the the gap between the back door and the doorframe, clinging to the door ready to slam it shut again. Desdemona had told her that the dogs were out in the garden and needed to be walked, and then sat on the hat that Madeleine had brought as a gift. The garden however was covered with snow, and Madeleine was fairly certain that chihuahuahs didn't like the cold.
"Why are you letting the draughts in?" ask Desdemona, walking into the kitchen with a crushed blue hat in her hand. She opened the microwave with a ting and deposited the hat inside.
"I can't see the little dogs," said Madeleine with a tremble in her voice.
"They're in the snow-fort," said Desdemona. "I put their little camo-jackets on this morning."
"They're camoflaged?" Madeleine's jaw dropped. "But..."
"Oh get out there," said Desdemona turning the microwave on full power. It hummed, and the hat started to spark and smoke. "And you should probably run to the fort, they're getting quite good at using the snowball launchers. They fire them with their noses, you know!"

Marc said...

Greg - kind of cheating? Eh, I suppose...

Ah, poor Madeleine. I would not want to deal with camoflaged attack dogs either - especially ones that know how to use weaponry!

Aholiab said...

More jury time writing.

The Snow Fort

Daryl found himself trembling slightly as the judge read the verdict that had just been handed to him. He realized how ironic this was, considering his recently terminated career as a hired assassin. He had always been known for his steady finger and rock-solid nerves.

The judge completed his perusal of the document, raised his gavel, and pronounced, "Daryl Henderson, you are hereby convicted of crimes against humanity, and sentenced to imprisonment in The Snow Fort for a minimum of seventeen years and a maximum of fifty years." He slammed the gavel down and glared at Daryl. "And if it had been my decision you would have hung for what you did. Dismissed!"

Daryl's shaking increased and he could barely remain standing while his attorney gathered his papers. The bailiff approached and murmured to the lawyer, "His transport is waiting for him. We'll take it from here."

His lawyer turned to him and shook his hand. "I'm sorry Daryl. I really thought we had a chance."

Daryl barely acknowledged him as he was shackled, cuffed, and blindfolded with a hood. He felt himself being led to an elevator, taken to the roof of the court, and guided to a waiting helicopter. He had heard whispers about The Snow Fort through his entire career, but had never thought the day would come when he would be sentenced there for essentially the rest of his life.

The chopper lifted off after he had been strapped in. He had no idea how long the trip would take and drifted off to a restless sleep after the first hour. He woke some time later when the incessant throbbing of the engines died. Exhaustion filled his body and fear had drained him emotionally.

Someone helped him out of the craft and then began removing his restraints. The last item to be removed was the hood. He blinked his eyes as they were suddenly exposed to brilliant sunlight.

"Welcome to The Snow Fort, Mr. Henderson. I hope your stay will be a pleasant one."

He stared at the tropical beach before him: the palm trees, the resort-style cabins facing the glistening water, the dark-skinned woman approaching with a tray of drinks.

"This is The Snow Fort?", he asked incredulously.

"It is. Named after General Harold Snow. He had it built as a retreat and retirement home for our nation's top operatives."

"But what about my crimes against humanity?"

"Well, in the eyes of those who truly know what you did, those weren't crimes. And the ones you did them to were definitely not humanity!"

Marc said...

Aholiab - you're making me think I should find a way to do some jury duty...

Heh, an unexpectedly happy ending. I appreciate that they literally kept him in the dark until the end :D