Saturday January 3rd, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: karaoke.

Had a nice dose of sunshine today and took advantage of it with our first walk around the neighborhood after lunch. It was still a little chilly but the uphill portion of the walk helped to take care of that.

I had my camera with me, but I also had Max in a carrier on my back. He fell asleep fairly quickly, so that made taking pictures... well, I suppose impossible is not the right word. More difficult than I could be bothered with is probably more accurate.

This morning the three of us went into Penticton to visit a coffee shop and run a couple errands. We ended up at a place that hosts live music nights a couple times a week and they had drums and guitars and microphones up on their stage.

Obviously Max ended up there, holding a mic and dancing and pretending to sing into it. Because of course. And thus a prompt was born...


Sing it
As though it was written by you,
Even though
Everyone knows that isn't true


Greg said...

I guess hanging Max's carrier from a sturdy branch while you took your photographs was out of the question? You'd have a great photograph of him asleep in it too I think! Though maybe not one to share with Kat... ;-) I can imagine Max being adorable as he tries to make it as the next Justin Bieber. And I can picture the look of horror on your face now too :-D
I think your poem sums karaoke up rather nicely, which does leave me with a problem as to what mine's going to be about now... damn!

The empty orchestra is just fine,
Thinks the girl behind the bar.
Now if only the customer who are
Singing would learn to mime.

morganna said...

Sing as though your life depended on
It -- sing like
Nobody's there --
Go for it!

Anonymous said...

I bet the other patrons at the coffee shop loved seeing Max having a blast. I really like how you set up your poem: the short, two-word lines alternating between the longer ones. It works really well and is very reminiscent of a song.


From the depths of your throat
To the tip of your tongue
Let your inhibitions melt away
As you belt out a pitchy song.

Marc said...

Greg - hmm, I rather like this idea of a picture of a sleeping Max hanging from a wintry tree...

Yes, I suppose horror would be the correct word.

Oh man, I would hate to work in a karaoke bar. I think earplugs would be mandatory.

Morganna - I think those might be the only conditions under which I'd do karaoke :P

Ivybennet - it was actually pretty quiet there, so he was mostly performing for us and the lady behind the counter. All he needed, obviously.

And thank you! Glad you enjoyed mine.

Really like yours as well, especially those opening two lines. Great visual.