Saturday January 31st, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the ghost.

The last day of January has arrived at last. Now on to the speedy month of February as we pick up steam heading back toward Spring once more.

Not that it has been especially cold lately. I'm just a bigger fan of spring than I am of winter.

I babysat my nose at home this morning while Kat and Sue took Max to the play cafe. Apparently it was pretty busy there but that didn't deter Max from enjoying himself as usual. Sue came away suitably impressed with the establishment as well.

This afternoon I was feeling a little better so I took Sue and Max to the playground down by the beach. We played on the swings and teeter totter, went down the slide, and were entertained by Max's imaginary puppies.

And now I'm back to feeling like my nose could fall off and I would not be terribly troubled by its departure.


In her laugh,
In her smile,
I see you
All the while...


Greg said...

I think you probably made the right choice; if it was busy and you were feeling oppressed by your cold then you wouldn't have enjoyed the play café much :) Still, at least it was better in the afternoon! I am intrigued by Max's imaginary puppies though!
And I'm very impressed by the image and sentiment you've conjured in just twelve words! That's a fantastic little poem that lingers in the mind after it's been read, almost like it's its own ghost!

The ghost
This room is wet enough for hydroponics,
From all the tears she's shed.
And though she swears she hears his ghost,
I'm afraid that he's just dead.

Anonymous said...

What you see of me is naught more than a shell,
And image of what was or what could have been.
For everything inside me is dead,
Buried beneath ice, ash, and dust.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, he's just started to do things like that. 'Here's a puppy for you!' he says as he picks up and then hands me an armful of air. It's very sweet :)

Thanks for the kind words on mine. I like the rhythm of yours, and the finality of that last line.

Ivybennet - that is some excellent imagery! Almost feels like it could be start of a longer tale, yet it stands perfectly well on its own. Nicely done.