Wednesday January 21st, 2015

The exercise:

Write about: the rabbit hole.

Took Max into Penticton this morning to run a couple errands and visit Jumping Beans Play Cafe. We went there on Monday afternoon as well, while Kat was teaching yoga to some of her students, and it is an absolute blast.

It was a little busier this morning, which I expected since most kids nap more in the afternoon, but there were still plenty of things for Max to play with. He was more into the slides this time, which is just a sign that he's getting more comfortable being there.

I'm enjoying having a place that is intended to be used the way Max and I have been trying to use other coffee shops.

Oh, posted some more pictures from Monday's outing on Facebook. This link should hopefully take you there (let me know if it doesn't).


Step inside,
Go for a ride!
Round and around
And upside down!
Left becomes right
And right goes out of sight!

When you arrive
(If you survive),
Smile and enjoy,
My fine young boy.
Go back home? Never!
You're here forever.


Greg said...

The facebook link works :) Some of those pictures are really good; I rather like the ones where the large branch near the edge of the lake looks like a natural groyne. The pictures of the birds are wildlife-program-worthy too.
It sounds like you've finally found the right café to keep Max entertained while you facebook :) And if the kids are napping too much in the afternoon then you need to reduce the amount of sleeping tablets you crush up and put in their breakfast ;-)
Heh, your rabbit hole seems a little sinister, even though it's clearly a lot of fun right up until the end. I like how everything gets mixed up and turned around, and the poem has a slightly chaotic feel to it as well, capturing it quite nicely.

The rabbit hole
This is a romance in times that are dying,
Between two lovers who know they are lying,
He looks in her eyes and she gazes right back...
And they both pretend love, which they know they both lack.

"My love is like storms over grey open seas,
Windswept and wave-smashed, bringing men to their knees."
"And my love is truly volcanic and flashy,
So hot, a bit rocky, and I taste rather ashy."

At arm's-length they stand as this rabbit-hole closes,
Adopting a number of Instagram poses,
And when the time comes to grimace and kiss,
They lean in together and somehow both miss.

This is a romance in times that are dying;
As the White Rabbit leaves, poor Alice is crying,
This then is romance as romance should be:
Impersonal, uncaring, for Eternity.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks! And I had to look up groyne, since my brain wanted to read it as 'groin' and confusion quickly set in.

That is some quality work on your part. Decidedly depressing, but beautifully crafted. I think your third stanza is my favorite, though that last one is obviously good as well.

Aholiab said...

The Rabbit Hole

“Whatcha doing, Dad?” Jason asked as he climbed on to the boulder next to his father.

“Oh, just thinking.” This rock on the border of the field behind their house was just big enough for both of them to sit and dangle their feet.

“What about?”

“Do you see that rabbit hole over there?” Karl asked, as he pointed to a spot a few yards into the field.

“Yeah. I don’t think it’s a new one though. Rusty would have gone crazy if he had smelled any rabbits over there.”

“Well, what if you found out that it wasn’t a rabbit hole at all? That it was actually an interdimensional portal that tiny creatures from across the galaxy used to get to Earth?

“You see, every other planet with portals are hot and dry and miserable, but they have incredible deposits of gold and silver and platinum and all kinds of valuable metals. So these creatures spend most of their time mining all that ore to take to their home planet, but they come here in the middle of the darkest nights for their vacations.

“Thousands of them will come in a single night to relax in the cool, moist darkness of our field, just so they can get away from the intense heat where they have to work. They eat and drink and dance until dawn. Then as the sun begins to rise, they will scurry back through the portal and wait another year until they’ve saved up enough money to be able to afford another trip.”

Jason stared at the hole in the ground. “Wow! Really, Dad?”

“Nah, it’s just a rabbit hole. Let’s go see if your mother has dinner ready yet!”

Marc said...

Aholiab - hah! I see no reason why I should not do something similar to Max when he's a little bit older...