Friday January 30th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about something that is: eternal.

Max seemed to be doing pretty well with his cold today, I'm happy to report. I'm less thrilled to mention that I seem to be doing steadily worse. I would like a new nose now, please and thank you.

Back on the positive side of things, I successfully drove to Kelowna to pick up Sue this afternoon and brought her back here to see her nephew again. Max, after an initial quiet period, was very enthusiastic about seeing her again.

Actually, I'm surprised he managed to fall asleep at a reasonable time.

Anyway, I hope to be feeling better by tomorrow morning, as Max really wants to show his aunt the new play cafe and I'd like to be there for that. If not, I'll stay home and sulk/rest on the couch while Kat goes with them.

Shoo, cold. You are not wanted here.


I grow weary of this out of tune automatic snot vending machine. I know it won't stay this way forever, but right now that is not how it seems. It appears quite content, despite my clear protestations, with its home on my face. I just want it gone and gone right now, never to return to this unwelcoming place.


Greg said...

Eucalytpus and Methol tend to help make you feel better about your nose. If you have fishermansfriend in Canada I'd recommend them. It usually only takes two to feel like the wind is now whistling through clear sinuses!
Heh, you should take a photo of you sulking on the couch :) Your lament in your prose makes me think it would be quite the sight!
And I shall definitely head out West later this afternoon!

The side effects on the script that came with the medicine were so long that they were printed on both side of four sheets of bible paper in font small enough to strain the eyesight of an eagle. Miss Frembles, elderly to the point of being a living antique, frowned at the pharmacist and asked, "And how long do these side-effects last for?"
"Oh, they're eternal," replied the pharmacist cheerily. "At least, you certainly feel like they last the rest of your life!"

Marc said...

Greg - I would have taken that picture, but I didn't want to scare people away from the blog...

I like how happy your pharmacist is in this one :)