Wednesday January 28th, 2015

The exercise:

Write about: the hunt.

Took Max back to the play cafe this morning for a couple hours of good times. It was pretty quiet first thing, which gave him the opportunity to play with the train set without... um... overzealous kids... interfering. Yes, let me put it that way.

He also spent some time in the bouncy castle and the new tunnel thing. The owner took a picture of him crawling through it and asked if it would be okay to put in on their Facebook page and I told her that was no problem.

It appears, however, that we might have overdone our time at the cafe. Or maybe it was yesterday's visit to StrongStart? Either way, this evening the little man showed signs of coming down with a cold. Fingers crossed it's not a bad one.


I know what I want,
The time is right.
It will be mine
Before tonight.

I'm armed to the teeth,
I'm ready to roll!
There's no stopping me,
May God save my soul...

I've cleared out my spot,
The weather is fine;
When the mall opens up,
I'll be first in line.


Greg said...

Max does look adorable being eaten by that Chinese dragon :) And overzealous is a very nice way to describe children others might use shorter, pithier epithets for. You're holding up the stereotype of the polite Canadian to the point of medal-earning :)
Colds happen; I wouldn't necessarily blame the café or Strongstart. And they're just building up his immune system against other things as well :)
So, is today's prompt a reflection of what you had to go through to get your Canadian Maple donut then? They must be much more popular than I realised! I like the jaunty air of the poem and the definite feeling of optimism; I wish your hunter luck!

The hunt
Charles Asciugimento, Head of Building Security, was fuming. He was too professional to let it show though, so the only sign of his boiling anger was the casual way he was tapping his pen – a solid silver Mont Blanc fountain pen – against the tips of the fingers of his other hand.
"An Easter Egg hunt?" he said, repeating what the woman sat at the other side of his desk had just said. She, Councillor Switch, nodded enthusiastically, brown ringlets dancing and bobbing around her plump face. Her eyes, the colour of polluted seawater, twinkled as only mud can. "In this Building?"
"Well yes," she said, gushing with pleasure. "It's the only place safe enough to host it, and it's such a large venue that we thought we'd be able to hide upwards of five hundred eggs. The diplomats and foreign ministers will have such a good time!"
Charles wondered if he could make this woman understand that allowing random foreigners and strangers to roam unchecked around his building, hunting for hidden things, was a breach of security so large that he may as well post the architectural plans to terrorist groups himself. He suspected that she would blithely ignore reasoned argument and continue to expose more and more cleavage until she got her own way.
A thought occurred to him,
He pressed a button on his desk, and eight seconds later (he timed them) Donald, a 19-year old new recruit appeared at the doorway, pink and slightly out of breath from running to get there.
"Donald, please sit and listen to the Councillor's plans and take notes," said Charles, standing up. "She will be using the building for an Easter Egg hunt. I think it will be the swan-song of her career."
Councillor Switch beamed ecstatically and two buttons on her blouse popped spontaneously open. Donald turned puce, and Charles left.
Outside his office he summoned Amy, his second-in-command.
"Make sure someone goes round with anyone hiding eggs and records their locations," he said. "Standard operating procedure. Then mine select corridors, swap some of the eggs for live grenades, and dust the toilets with anthrax. You'll find it in the stationery cupboard unless Donald's mistaken it for coke and snorted it."
Amy looked appalled.
"Don't be ridiculous," said Charles, his pen tapping again. "The security arrangements will be impeccable, so it will be clear that Councillor Switch has done all this in a misguided attempt to assist a terrorist group. Now, I should go and pick one to associate her with."

Marc said...

Greg - eh, it's not so much a blame things as figuring out where it came from. I appear to be catching it as well at the moment, which is no surprise.

Heh, an Easter Egg hunt for diplomats and foreign ministers sounds like it would be quite entertaining to watch. This one especially so...