Saturday January 17th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the face in the window.

Just sneaking off to get this written. I can hear that Max is still having a blast, perhaps even more so now that he's got some chocolate brownie in him.

More tomorrow, but for now I shall get on with the prompt.


The house next door is empty,
They say it's been that way for years.
I'm afraid to call them liars,
But I have more pressing fears...


Greg said...

Heh, I wonder who noticed you were gone when you got back? I really like how you don't explicitly call out what's going on next door, but the poem and the title leave us no doubt. Masterfully done :)

The face in the window
They say the wind changed, and it caught
What should have been a fleeting reflection.
Now her face lives on in the window,
And her faceless body seeks no connexion.

Anonymous said...

The chocolate induced insanity has been strong with my roommate and I ever since Christmas. I love both of your poems. Marc, your's is haunting and creepy while Greg's is haunting in an entirely different way.

The Face in the Window:

All I wanted was to view the world, to see the possibilities
That reigned down through cloud’s tears.
But instead all I see is the reflection of everything
I want to escape. Can never escape.

Marc said...

Greg - Max, of course. Actually he noticed *while* I was gone and I had to go out and tell him I wouldn't be long :P

I rather expected you to go with a more literal interpretation of the prompt. Thanks for not letting me down, and in such a well executed manner!

Ivybennet - yeah, it's a chocolately time of year, isn't it? And thank you for the kind words on mine.

I quite like your take on the prompt as well. That image of someone wanting to look out but only seeing their reflection is quite striking.