Friday January 9th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about something or someone that is: fickle.

We're back in Osoyoos for the night. Max needed a visit with Kat's parents and we needed to do our seed inventory so we could figure out what needs to be ordered for the garden this year. Plus we have some cleaning and organizing to do around the house.

We're hanging around tomorrow morning and then heading back to Kaleden after lunch. It's nice to be in our own space again, even if it's just for a night.


The cake is perfect. The flavor, the decorations, even the two little figurines at the top, one in a wedding dress and the other in a tuxedo. Part of me think they're a tacky, unnecessary addition, but that particular decision is out of my ha... oh no, what now?

"It's beautiful, it really is... but can I get it in chocolate instead?"


Greg said...

You sound quite busy with all the back and forth! But I can see that effectively having two homes briefly is a bit of a challenge for trying to get everything done, so I hope it gets easier as it goes along!
Heh, I'm choosing to believe that it's the groom who's changing the cake, as revenge for the bride being fickle about everything else :)

"What the hell is this?" asked the cakemaker, looking at the short-handled tool with the wickedly-curved, gleaming blade her assistant had handed her.
"A sickle," said the assistant, "you said you wished you had one."
"I said that couple were fickle," said the cakemaker, sighing. Then she looked at the tool again, and her eyes brightened.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's funny how all of ours revolve around sweets today!


To buy or not to buy? Her fingers itched with uncertainty as she continued her dance, her arm moving from the shelf to the cart and back again. The box of chocolates was helplessly trapped within her vice-like grip. She didn’t know which side to choose: her New Year’s resolution or her PMS cravings.

Marc said...

Greg - I like your interpretation, and I'm glad I left it open to that as I think I prefer your viewpoint on this one.

Hmm, not sure I'd want to be part of the couple who are being discussed here... not with that ending, at any rate!

Ivybennet - sometimes once the ball starts rolling in one direction...

When in doubt, go with the cravings. That's what I always say!

Wait, I'm not helping, am I? :P

Aholiab said...


"OK, I got the tropical plants moved into the garage, the lawn irrigation lines drained, the lemon tree covered, and the antifreeze changed in the car."

"Good, now we'll be ready for when it gets cold."

"What do you mean, 'when it gets cold'?"

"The forecaster just mentioned that rather than the cold front expected tonight, it's going to be unseasonably warm for the next month!"

Marc said...

Aholiab - hah, yes, the weather can be the most fickle factor of all. Nicely captured, and I'm glad to have been of service during your jury doldrums :)