Friday September 11th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the chemical.

Spent the morning harvesting for tomorrow's market. With the end of berries freeing up a big chunk of harvest energy I spent some time collecting a crate's worth of leeks, which is the first time this year I've had that (not) pleasure. Pulling those things out of the soil is a total back killer.

Also got some cucumbers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, bigger tomatoes, and peppers. I'll be bringing the first pick of Ambrosia apples with me as well, so hopefully they'll attract some customers to the table. The weather is supposed to be pretty ideal so it should be a good one.


"... and the two chemicals, when mixed thusly, combine to form a substance corrosive enough to dissolve human flesh."

The classroom, previously filled with idle chatter and bored students, fell deathly silent.

"Which is why they will remain locked in my office whenever I have to leave the room."

A groan born on thirty lips rumbled though the room and was then replaced by the return of the mindless blathering of uninterested teenagers.


Greg said...

Leeks are great: both potato and leek soup and cheesy-leek toasties are excellent winter food. Autumn food too, actually. And Spring, if there's any left over... well drat, I guess they're good all year round! Pulling them out of the ground doesn't sound that easy though... surely Max is about the right height to be taking on that job though? ;-)
Heh, I like your teacher, although I think he's deliberately giving his class an opportunity to winnow out the worst students; a locked door probably won't stop them for very long!

The chemical
"Mom, are love potions chemicals?"
"Mine contain all natural ingredients, dear, they're vegan. But technically everything is chemical, chemicals are just what we call the smallest things we and nature build bigger things out of."
"Oh cool, if they're vegan I can triple the price I'm charging!"

Marc said...

Greg - Max will be getting that job as soon as he has enough strength to get them out of the ground :P

Hah. Vegan love potions would surely command a premium! I wouldn't mind hearing more from these two :)