Friday September 25th, 2015

The exercise:

Following up on yesterday's prompt, today we write four lines of prose about: the deal breaker.

Max slept all the way in until 6 this morning. You may be surprised at how big a difference half an hour can make to a person's day. Mine, anyway.

Harvested cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, onions, leeks, ornamental pumpkins, cherry tomatoes, and heirloom tomatoes for the market. Will also be bringing some of the acorn squash I picked last week, three varieties of apples, and my usual assortment of garlic.

Oh! And a pint of strawberries. There was enough out there to make about a pint and a half, so I brought the half home for Max to enjoy (I may have had some too).

Forecast is calling for cool temperatures with sunshine and no threat of rain, so hopefully the final market of September is a good one.


"... and while you do that I want you to wear my old football jersey and nothing else." Bruce couldn't believe his wife was still nodding along in agreement - this was going to be the best birthday ever! "And then your friend Chloe will c-:"



Greg said...

Some of it's psychological of course; in the back of your mind as you get up at 6 is that it could have been 5:30, so you feel much more relieved about it. You should get Max to wake you up at 5:30 once a week so that you appreciate the other times you have to get up so much more!
Sounds like a great haul for the market, and it certainly sounds like I'd be stopping by if I were there to pick things up :) You'll have to tell us who buys the strawberries; I suspect they'll be sold before the market opens based on what you said last time about early sales between stall-holders.
Heh, it was sounding like a good birthday for Bruce; I guess you can push things just a little too far... :)

The deal breaker
The Bridge Club was in disarray; tables overturned, cards scattered everywhere, knitting piled in corners and on fire and angry, very angry, people shouting and gesticulating.
"You just had to bid 8 Clubs, didn't you?" said Betty, sighing. "And even that wouldn't have been so bad if you hadn't gone and made it as well."
"You saw the look she gave me," said Agnes, "I couldn't have that!"

[For the non-Bridge playing readers 7 is the maximum bid of any suit (or no-trumps) because it states that you'll win all 13 tricks (Bridge bidding is about the number of tricks you'll win above a minimum of 6). 13 is the maximum because each trick requires a card from each of four players, and 4x13=52.]

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, no, I'm pretty years of waking up earlier than I want to leaves no need for a weekly reminder. Thanks :P

Hah, see? I knew I wouldn't want to have any part of playing Bridge with these two. Though picturing a riot at a Bridge meetup is quite a bit of fun :)